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Hello to all! I am a first time Boxer owner and I am hooked on the breed. They are such a beautiful dog (strong, handsome, and smart too). I'm a Boxer owner for life!
My question is this:
I have a 12 week old Boxer puppy that I have chosen NOT to crop her ears. When I got her, her natural ears sat very nice, but now that she has gotten a little older the ears have begun to "fly." I have heard that if a puppy has "properly" sat ears, when it is an adult the ears will sit normal. Do you have any suggestions to help enforce the correct laying of the ear?

Alisha Mobley

Boxer Insane
I also was reading a site that talked about massage the ears to lay properly. If I can find it I'll post that one also. Another thing I have heard is when they start teathing their ears do some crazy things then afterwards will lay properly again.
We had the same thing happen with Amaya. She had great ears and around 11 weeks they went crazy. I think they were on top of her head more than straight :) I called the vet for advice and said I wanted to crop if she was going to have ears on top of her head. My vet assured me that it can take up to 1 year for the cartiledge in the ears to fully form. This is the reason for puppy fly aways. As Amaya reaches 1 year her ear usually do look very good. Be patient :D
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