Natural Balance sold to Del Monte

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Boxer Insane
Just a heads up for those who feed NatBal:
Natural Balance, Del Monte Plan Merger

Del Monte products include other "fabulous" brands such as Kibbles N Bits, Meow Mix, Gravy Train etc. So unfortunately this seems right in line with when Natura was sold to P&G.

Those who feed NatBal, I'd keep a close eye on the formulation, or switch to something else if you're able.

Caney Creek

Boxer Insane
Noooo!!! dohicon Natural Balance is the only food that Caney can eat these days... not looking forward to a new food search!


Boxer Pal
I have decided to switch over to a RAW diet because of Natural Balance being sold to Delmonte. Just waiting another week or so to finish the bag I recently bought!


Boxer Buddy
Another big conglomerate taking over what used to be a decent pet food company. It's so disappointing and I called and let them know. My two babies were doing just fine on their LID foods and I liked the variety that NB offered in those lines. So, the search began for new food and I decided on Holistic Select from the WellPet (Wellness) line. To my knowledge, Holistic Select has not been involved in any recalls. Also, the rep from WellPet told me that they've pulled all of their manufacturing from Diamond Foods and brought it in-house. That was a big relief. Such a shame that Natural Balance sold out.............
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