Naming my Flashy Fawn Girl..

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Boxer Pal
i think she looks like a Zelda. or how about Francesca? then she could be Frankie for short.

i wanted to name my latest Francesca Sha-Nay-Nay (Frankie Nay-Nay for short) but she was already Roxie so we stuck with that.

my prior boxer was Loretta Lynn (Miz Etta's Lil Loretta). my min pin is Tiger Lily. my late GSP was Pearlie Mae.

my step-son's great dane is named Vera, so when everybody is home (Lily, Vera, and Roxie) it sounds like we've got two maiden aunts and a stripper living here!

good luck and kisses to your baby.


Boxer Pal
I have off the wall names.

Annie's name is Trixi Annabella.
Tucker is Mr. Tuck Deuce McLovins.

She's adorable! Hope you can find a cool name! I like Sophie!


Boxer Pal
my all time favorite name of course is

Rigley - girl version
Wrigley - coz of those wiggley butts ha ha
Opal - white boxer


Super Boxer
She has so much white on her pretty little face I vote for Magnolia and short can be many names mag,nolia,ola,different
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