Naming my Flashy Fawn Girl..

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I'll be getting my Flashy Fawn Girl in another Week or so,and I'm trying to think of a Name.I've always waited until I get to see what the Dogs Personality is before I name them,so either the Dog or someone always help me get a name figured out.My last Boxer Female my Grandma came up with her name,the first time Grandma got a look at her she said,"look at that Pug Nose".And she said hey Puggy Puggy,so I thought thats a neat name.And that's how she got the Name,"Princess Puggy Sue".But this time around I thought I'd see what all you guys thought,the Name I like so far is,"Maisie".Here is a Pic' of her to get an idea of what she looks like,so let me know what you think.And give me any ideas you might have..Thanks..


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It's INSANE how much she looks like Maple!! I need to post recent pictures; I've been behind/caught up at work. I vote Layla or Velvet :)


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Shes so cute, I just recently heard of a pretty name for a dog, it different but I liked it. The name is Kayla. She looks like either a Kayla or a Sophie.


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how about nala ?
yu should try something unique,
i have yet to meet another boxer named cuddi lol, our next one is going to be khalifa


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i have yet to meet another boxer named cuddi

I have a Golden Retriever customer named "Cuddy". They are big House (tv show) fans and liked the character Dr. Cuddy!
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