Naming a New Fawn Female Puppy

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I have just recently adopted a Fawn Female puppy that I will be able to pick up on New Years Day. The people who own her say she is a jumper and fearless. I am wanting to give her a name that is unique and Divaish if that is a word. Any help will be appreciated.


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How about a regal name? Or wait til you get her, see her personality and then decide. A lot of times, pups start with their "legal" name, but often end up with tons of nicknames, which all boxers seem to answer to. LOL


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I have some suggestions

Congratulations! Yes wait until you get her to decide but I do have a few suggestions for Divaish names, I can think of some singers:

Minogue (as in Kylie Minogue)
Minaj (Nikki Minaj)
Vondra (Czech for womanly & brave)
Ari (Armenian for "fearless" and in Albanian it means "gold" - kinda like Fawn; German it means "Eagle") - I like this one best!

Hope that helps! Please share pics! I am sure that whatever you name her will be suitable!


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How about Zelda? I saw it in a Eukanuba ad once - the featured dog was a gorgeous black lab (NOT advocating that kibble - lol!), and it caught my attention.
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