Name game begins

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my first impression of Zilla was the same as your wife. Then I started to visualize crocodile dundee saying zilla and it sounds ok.

lol, sadly, Croc Dundee i am not :)
I think the wife got the better of me and was doing some reaserch over the weekend and found Zilla is a girls name in hebrew. Just not sure now that i have that in the back of my mind!!

I think we've decided to wait till he joins us and see what name suits him then. With Zilla now on the backburn, we are both pretty happy with Duke or Cooper, but again we'll wait and see.

Man, and i thought picking names for our kids was hard!


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I think Cooper is a great name..obviously you chose it for the car..however did you know there was an English boxer by the name of Henry Cooper? He was known for left hook and the knock down of a young Muhammed Ali.


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I tend to like more human sounding names, ones that aren't too common. Named a cat Cooper before and like the name but I think I like Zilla more as well. For me its not the easiest name to pronounce though. I think its because I usually associate 'zilla' with the ending (second part) of a longer word so I do one of those quick pause&think before pronouncing it. But after a while of saying it enough times i'd probably not think twice.
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