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Well, we are about 2 weeks away from our Boxer pup joining the family so the wife, kids and I have all started playing the name game.
My two boys are pretty easy so far and for most part are happy to go along with what I'm thinking. Wife on the other hand :)

I'm a motorsport fanatic and so far have the following two.

Zilla - I own a Nissan Skyline GTR car which when it raced was given the Godzilla, as it destroyed everything in its path and was simply the best car of its time. (ps don't want our new family member to destroy everything, but clearly is the best dog of its time ;) ) Our boy is also very dark brindle with almost an all black face, and Zilla means Shadow. pretty cool :)

Brock - Growing up, my motorsport hero here in Aus was a gentleman by the name of Peter Brock, who is as big a legend in Aus as they come.

Cooper - love this name!

Wife - we went to a Boxer show recently where a little pup was named Peanut cause of the way it walked. Very cute, but don't want to yell Peanut at an adult Boxer :)



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Love the sound of the name Zilla and the story behind it. But I think Cooper is a great name too. With Cooper you'd have fun with nicknames involving Pooper!


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You could always call him Zilla (love that name and story), or Cooper, and nickname him Peanut. Our Boy is Cain and he comes to Buddy, Little Man, Baby Boy, or Chewy.


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I am leaning toward Zilla or Cooper. I love the story behind Zilla too. Maybe you can convince your wife to name him one of those two and nickname him Peanut ;)


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I like Zilla! 2 of mine are named after sports players. Barkley (Charles) and Griffin (Robert Griffin III). Good luck!


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Thanks everyone!

Yep Zilla is my favourite so far as well.

The wife thought it may sound a little feminine for a male dog which has me a little worried.
I've added a few pics from the breeder of him at 4 and now 8 weeks. I still think he looks like a Zilla :)


Boxer Insane
I love zilla. and believe you me if your not carefull and consistant with training your boy will destroy everything in his path for the first year, so I think its quite apt.:)


Boxer Insane
I also like theme names and Zilla seems to fit the bill.
Our first girl was Cami, short for camshaft. No matter what their actual name is you will find a thousand and one other things to call them!
Zilla is unique and you would be hard pressed to find another Zilla in your neighborhood. appicon


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I like Zilla and Cooper. I also like Duke, looks like a boxer name! I had a cat named Duke, and my son's name is Brock, so obviously I like Brock! :)

If you go with Zilla, when you get mad you could always drop the whole name, "GODZILLA!!" :) You're right, Peanut wouldn't fit forever, but it could be a nickname!
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