My vicious monster

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Well geeze! She sure looks like she's feeling better! LOL.

Nice timing on the trigger finger there Ms camera operator!


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Lol Juno looks like she's gonna have him for a snack haha! Every pic I see of boxer play it always appears there is a fight about to break out lol looks like they are having fun though!!! You should make Cajun's ear wraps into antlers for the holiday!!! They both are beautiful :) thanks for sharing! And I agree Cajun is gonna be HUGE lol awesome :)


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Very nice photo's! It looks like June has a nice playmate. :)


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Had to come back for a second look.
You deserve props for keeping your dogs in such good shape and at a healthy weight. :)

Tuff Love

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Haha, great photos! I have a handful like that with Tuff as a pup and he was such a sweetie pie it was hard to translate the captured images to his personality. Funny nonetheless.


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Thanks for the comments! :) They are a funny pair lol never a dull moment. Which is unfortunate sometimes. :LOL:

LOL yeah Cajun is going to get big! She only weighs 40lbs but she's just so tall and lean!
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