My Tika has her first tumor

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My baby is only 3 years old and last week we noticed that she had a red bump on her belly that we thought was maybe a bug bite. After it started getting bigger we decided to take her to the vet. They did an aspiration and determined that it was a mast cell tumor. Our vet recommends that we remove the tumor and she is confident that she will be able to get a good margin from the area. My question is what the aftermath of the surgery will be like. I would like to know what to expect as far as recovery time and pain. Thanks in advance for your help!


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I had something not exactly the same. My 2 1/2 year old had a lump on his back leg and I was advised by the vet to have it remove and we did. The result came back as "low grade" tumor. She took a lot of tissue around the lump. He was put under anesthesia and got some stitches. It took ten days to get the stitches off. I was told to wait 14 days before I could give him a shower. Now he is fine. Don't forget to remind your vet NOT TO USE ACE on your dog.


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Keeping my fingers crossed that it's a low grade. Abby has had 2 tumors removed this year. The first was not cancer, but it was bothering her so we opted to have it removed. The second tumor came back as a MCT Grade 2. That one was on the top of her head. Hopefully since the tumor is on Tika's belly, it will be difficult for her to get to and scratch. However I thought the same thing with the tumor on Abby's head, and she found plenty of ways to scratch it. :)
Abby had stitches removed 2 weeks after the surgery (pics in my gallery), but unfortunately her healing time was delayed a bit because she had managed to get herself out of 2 different e-collars. The e-collar was on her for a good 3 weeks solid (except for the times she was able to get out of it ;) ).
Is Tika spayed? I would assume the recovery would be similar to that in regards to reducing her activity level, incision healing time, etc., especially if the tumor is on her belly.
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My girl is the QUEEN of mast cell tumors!
Here is an ongoing thread to her latest treatment.

Cami has had multiple tumors removed since age two. You don't know how bad I wish someone had told me something about her current treatment PRIOR to having her first surgery.
Our hope is that someday MCT's will be a thing of the past. Until that day comes the more people that know about her current form of treatment the possibility of unneeded surgeries should be on the rise. She is living proof that it works. It has killed off three tumors so far and a fourth is DYING all with NO surgery.
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