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Christmas Shopping is upon us now, so that means off to the malls to purchase those special gifts for all our loved ones. Well..we get to the mall and start looking for a place to park. My husband is driving and he insists on front row parking. We drive around and around and around (You know how it goes) looking for the perfect front row parking spot. I keep pointing empty spots out to him, but they are too far back. We continue to drive around and around...... By this time I am really geting irritated. If we had parked near the end of the lot and walked, I could have had some of my shopping done by now. But NOooooo we need to wait until someone has pulled out of a spot near the front. This is one of my major pet peeves. I go through this every year with my hubby (I do love him really) By the time we have finally parked, I am so irritated that I don't feel like shopping anymore. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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Ugh!! My Mom, she will do the same thing and has my entire life it drives me crazy! I love my Mom, But she will drive up and down the same isle there will be other spots a couple rows back but she just knows someone is about to leave, then generally she will get impatient and just park all the way in the back...missing all the spaces that were alot closer. I did not try the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy...I stayed home and rode my Horse, played with the dogs...


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My parents do that too! It does drive me crazy. :mad:

I once read something in a magazine to the effect: "I'm thankful for finding the parking spot far away from the door because I can walk."

I try to think of that now. It's far less stressful to just take the far away spot and be thankful that you're young and healthy enough to walk. :)
I'll leave the close spots for the elderly and parents with infants to carry.

I didn't even answer your question. My pet peeve...
Is when people bring little dogs into malls and stores (like the grocery store)!
I love my dogs, but there is a time and place.
I was at the grocery store the other day and someone had a chihuaha puppy in their cart. Just to prove a point, I wanted so bad to go up and tell those people that I'm violently allergic to dogs and they shouldn't bring him in the store!
Just because your dog fits in your purse, doesn't mean you can bring him anywhere. How fast do you think I'd be kicked out if I brought my boxer(s) to the grocery store?!

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My husband will circle around the parking lot to find the closest place-when he goes to the gym! I tell him "you're gonna go excercise anyway"! And some of my friends who always complain they need to lose weight and "need to excercise" will circle and circle to find the closest spot, because they don't wanna walk!

About the parents and parking spots... I think I got you beat; Every year my family has a huge beach party gathering and parking is always tight in the summer time. If my mom sees a spot, she will STAND IN THE SPOT and wait for our family to come around and take the spot. People get so mad! She just stands there, looking silly.

Linda- We had an elderly woman who visited city hall often and she always carried her little grey poodle in her purse and people would want to pet the dog and she would always tell people "you may pet him on his head only". My co-workers and I always wondered if the dog actually had a body because all we ever saw was its head poking out of the purse. Of course, she brought the dog in despite the fact that we had a "no dogs allowed" sign on the door.

My pet peeve is people who bring very small kids to nice restaurants and don't discipline them when they act out, play under the table, or refuse to sit in their chair. My husband and I went out for our anniversary to a more "adult" restaurant, on the pricey side (the hostess knew it was our anniversary) and we were seated between two tables with hyper toddlers. It was unbearable so we asked to move.
I honestly think there should be "adults only" sections in restaurants especially since California no longer had "smoking" and non-smoking". I think the parents WITH kids who want a quiet dinner away from their kids would appreciate this also. I know I would. We seem to have the worst luck and these are usually nicer restaurants (my parents NEVER took us to places this nice; maybe I'm resentful! :)


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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Elsa:
My pet peeve is people who bring very small kids to nice restaurants and don't discipline them when they act out, play under the table, or refuse to sit in their chair. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I agree with that one too. What's sad is, it's not the kids' fault--mom and dad haven't set the boundaries.
I have 2 young children and we take them to nice restaurants all the time (and have since they were babies). We've taught them what's appropriate and what's not.
It really undermines what we try to teach when OTHER children are running up and down the isles and being rude and loud. :mad:
I have to agree with what most of you said, but I always park far away and walk.
But my biggest pet peave is.............people who take their kids shopping with them on major shopping days. Its hectic enough, do us all a favor and find a sitter. thats what I do.

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Ok my Christmas Shopping Pet Peeve's...

#1 - I Went shopping with my SO's Mother (80 years old and has a VERY hard time walking) at King Of Prussia Mall (huge mega mall), we had a Handicapped parking permit and could not find ANY handicapped parking! I have a hard time believing that there were that many persons there who needed handicapped parking (we only saw 1 other person with a wheelchair the entire afternoon) I ended up having to pay $10 for Valet parking ^$*^%$!!!! Thankfully once we got into the store the employees were very polite and even went to find us a courtasy Wheelchair.
#2 - Parents who let there children run wild through the stores & restaurants. If my children behaved that badly they not only would not go shopping with me they would also be getting coal in there stockings!

ok I'm done ranting now...back to our pre-programed Christmas Joy :D

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Those are certainly some pet peeves!

Here's mine, which will seem very minor to most, but it drives me absolutely banana's:

When someone baits you to ask them a question.

For instance, I was at the dog park a few weeks ago and this woman kept talking and talking about her dog and how great he was, et cetera, et cetera. This didn't bother me AS MUCH as when she tried to bait me to ask her a question - "Well, she does really well on recalls, but when I say this ONE word, she has to come. If she doesn't come, I have to be prepared to go get her. All I say is this ONE word. If I use that ONE word she knows she has to come and if she doesn't I have to go get her. We taught her that ONE word and she respects it." And she goes on and on. Well, I refuse to give in to people who bait me, so she kept going and, of course, I wouldn't say, "oh, what word do you use?" and finally she turned to me and said, "Well, let me just try it and see if it works." So here's this lady in the middle of the dog park yelling, "FRONT" to her dog. She just had to get it out. I mean, if you want someone to know what it is, work it into the conversation, don't try and nag me until I ask you to tell me.

THAT DRIVES ME NUTS. I'm sure you guys have experienced it when someone says "Oh my God" or "Oh no", something like that, but doesn't say anything else. Then when you don't ask what's going on, they keep saying it over and over again until you ask.

Okay. I feel better now, I have that out.

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Okay, I agree with is VERY frustrating when other parents fail to discipline there children out in public and your own children look at you like "why are those kids acting like that!".

I also really get ticked off when parents take their very sick kids to functions where many other children will be. About a month ago, I took the twins to see a children's folk singer at a local B & N and it was very yucky! So many children had noses running down there faces and coughing and sneezing. EEWW! I think I'm probably very concious of this because Cole is compromised by his asthma but still...! And the poor singer was visibly distressed by the many children who kept bombarding the stage after he repeatedly asked the parents to keep them in their seats until the end. The poor man would have to stop mid-song to ask for the tenth time for the kids to move back because he did not have room and he was concerned some one would get hurt. One time, he got all of the kids off and there was just one little girl left. He asked the parents again and meanwhile the mother and father were too busy snapping pictures of the little girl to notice that the show had stopped because of them! Crazy! It is so sad because the sweet kids do not know any better and the parents of those children are not really parenting.
Okay Robyn, I have to agree with you but also ad this......... are these the same parents that send their kids to school sick??? Can you really convince me that little Jonny was not running that fever of 102* when he left for school 20 minutes ago??

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