My New Brother, a story by Tess

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Howlo All,

I have to tell you about my new brother, Conner. He's a little crazy. I wasn't sure about him at first, so I was certain to let him know right away that I am the boss of this house. (Shush - Don't tell my mom I said that. She seems to think that she's the boss. It will be our secret.) Luckily, he is Ok with me being boss, which is very good (for HIM) because I wouldn't want to have to call down the thunder to prove it!

I've been pretty accommodating to my new brother. I let him play with my toys and sleep on my pillow. Sometimes he jumps out of line, though, and I have to put him back in his place. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

He's REALLY skinny, but you wouldn't know it by the way this kid eats! MAN, can he EAT! I don't know where he puts it! I guess I'd better be nice to him so he'll tell me his secret to keeping up my girlish figure. Since I'm turning two years old soon, it's not as easy to keep off the pounds as it used to be. Man do I miss the good ole days!

I guess the kid is kind of OK. He sure likes to box and he's not bad, actually. He's no Tess Cooper, that's for sure. He'll be a contender once I teach him a thing or two. I've got him on a strict training schedule. Boxing, boxing, boxing, morning noon and night. Little bugger is a bit lazy, though. He sleeps as much as he trains. It's going to take some time to whip this guy into shape.

He is kind of cute. Maybe, I'll take him under my wing - a protege, apprentice, if you will. He sure could learn a thing or two from me. AND, if he's going to stick around, I guess I can't have him tarnishing the good Cooper name with his sloppy skills.

I think we'll keep him. Alright, alright - I've thought it over and made my decision. Yes. We'll keep him. That's final.

Now, I'm going to take a nap on the floor since my pillow is occupied by you-know-who. I let him have it. Who needs that old thing?! It doesn't fit in with my image anyway. AND, truth be told, I PREFER the floor.

Later Pals,

Indy B's Mom

Boxer Insane
Tess-what a big girl you are. I'm sure your baby brother Conner looks up to you so much-I'm glad you decided to let him stay! Your Mommy is so proud of you for setting such a good example for the little man. Keep up the good work and before you know it, Conner will be your partner in crime!


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Tess...this is Greta, I too have been in your shoes and know all about getting a new brother and how much work is involved with molding them into what you want. I'm sure you will not ever regret your decision to keep him. I love my brother so much, but hey, don't repeat that, don't want him getting a big head or something. Best of luck with Conner and keep him in line, us queenicon gotta stick together!
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