my new baby is too skinny

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my new baby girl seems too skinny . she is 10 weeks and eats only 2 cups and a small can of food per day . her two brothers are huge copmared to her. she weighs 12 lbs (they are 4 lbs heavier)is it because she is a girl ? i only have had boys . what can i give her to fatten her up . the vet does not seem to think there is any problem ,it is just me . am i worrying too much?


I agree, I think you are worrying to much. All puppies go through an awkward stage that can last a long time....As long as she is eating let her be. Sounds like she is eating more than enough.
Are you feeding her this once, twice or three times a day? Puppies that age should be fed 3 times a day as much as they want within a 15-20 minute period.

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I also have a very skinny boy. Everyone always asks me , "Do you feed him enough" I get insulted, because I do feed him 3 times a day, but he just has a high metabolism. My vet just suggested I give him a multi vitamin 2 times a day. He loves them, and already I see some extra meat on his bones! Try it, it might work. Good luck!

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Travis (12-1/2 weeks) looks skinny too but it is normal for them to be a bit thin around this age. I free feed all my dogs so Travis has all the food he wants. I think they go through this skinny stage because they are growing so fast that all the nutrients from the food goes into growing rather than fat. (not that I'm an expert, just my own personal opinion!)
I'm sure there is no need to worry - if the vet says she is fine, she is.
She will fill out in time.

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I worried about the same thing when Tess was little. At 8 weeks she tipped the scales at 6.5 pounds! Now THAT is tiny! Zelda on the other hand is 10 weeks and weighs about 16 pounds I would guess, maybe more. She is a really stout pup where Tess has always been tall and lean.

I wouldn't worry about it at all. Your baby will fill out just fine. At 7 months Tess is 41 pounds. I know that's not huge but I think it is certainly acceptable.


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Boxers are odd since they vary greatly in size. Brutus was 20lbs at 12 weeks !!! He is now 11 mo and weighs about 70lbs. He will be at least 85-90 lbs full grown.

Amaya is a smaller boxer. She is now about 5 mo old and only weighs 25 lbs. She weighed 6lbs at 6 weeks and 17 lbs at 4 mo. She will most likely top the scales at 50lbs full grown.

If you are feeding the recomended amount you should be fine. I use the back of the bag as a guide. Amaya is now eating 3 cups a day. The vet told me she looks great, her coat is shiny and she is healthy. She is just a little petite (like her owner :) ). Quit worrying.

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I wouldn't worry, just make sure that that she gets as much as she wants 3 times a day. It's much better to have a puppy on the thin side that to have one that is fat.

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Hi, At first I had the same problem. Amy girl was so very skinny and some said "oh she is so thin" and THE LOOK as if I did not feed her enough ...... but I could kind of understand that, one could see the skinny little ribs. I also consulted the VET and he told me that she was fine. Amy got a lot of food, * I always left food out just in case she wanted some.(But at that stage she preferred to >> seek out - distroy - anything ie taking up the carpet and make snow with pillows, shred baskets etc... LOL ) She got a variety of food anything she wanted > some home cooking, she loved shredding vegetables, apples, she got mainly PAL puppy food and some raw meat (osso bucco cuts) & plain dog bisquits etc.... She filled out a bit more later I think from 15 months+, she is now 3.5 years old and for a while now we think she may be getting a bit too fat esp. on the skin around the neck and we have to keep an eye on her weight. (she is about 30 Kilos)
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You should not worry about it too much. My boxer was skinny until he was 3 years old. Even skinny he was very hyper! Now at past 11 years old he sleeps a lot but still has his crazy time several times a day (like throwing bones, barking etc :) )


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I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. The girls usually are a little more petite than the boys. Also it will take a while for her to fill out. Rebelle was always very thin looking, but now as she's getting older she's not looking so thin. She's 9 months old and only recently starting to get broader and her ribs aren't so visible. She's a fit and healthy 55 pounds. I also supplement her kibble diet with pasta, fruits, vegetables, meats, oils etc. So I think that helps as well.

I wouldn't worry about the size so much. Just to give you another idea, Rebelle was 8 pounds at 8 weeks of age. Our new pup Copper was 7.5 pounds at 4 weeks!!! How's that for a difference :eek:



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