My Little Man- Brego :)

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Boxer Pal
Dedicated to the day i got my best friend!

I was the runt, a little shy and coy,
She sat cross legged with my favourite toy.
I wasn’t gonna come, I wasn’t gonna play,
I knew better and She wasn’t to stay.

My brothers were all sold, My sister just the same,
No one wanted the smallest, I wasn’t part of the game.
But she waited for this pup, with arms at the ready,
I wandered to the corner, big brown eyes were steady.

His brothers would win, they always do,
Humans want the playful ones, that’s what they choose.
They jumped all over her, making her fall,
My silly stupid brothers with their big fat paws!

She manage to get up, pushing them away,
She only had eyes on me that day.
So I walked over to her, I know this couldn’t be true.
She cuddled me tight till I was blue!

She took me away from the cold sandy place,
I may not be pedigree, but I have a sweet face.
And big paws, a squishy nose too,
A huge Heart that’s only for you.

I now never doubt myself no more,
So now’s the time to show her what a Monster is for!!

-He is my one little Monster! (i dont think my first poem is too bad!!)
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