My last name and why i was booted.

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My name on here used to be motorman but becasue of my opinion and beliefs I was prosecuted and banned or something and had to re-sign. All i meant with the last post with motorman was that I wanted to develop a new variety of boxer and call it the black and tan boxer. I must have set a spark in you guys because you made fun of that last post. Well I think it is a good idea and frankly I dont care what you think of my new breed because my dogs would be bread responsibly and carefully. Not like a puppymill or anything. Why do you think this breed would be mixbreeds? Isn't that how all dog breeds came to be? even from the wolf evovled a boxer and you critisize me for wanting to breed a new and health problem free type of boxer
? What kind of people are you?
I think i deserve an apology and a reason as to why I can't sign in under motorman.


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Maybe you should've posted under a different forum here on boxerworld. Or maybe given a bit more info with your first post. It was kind of short and blunt. But still, I don't think people should've just jumped down your throat like that. We're hear to discuss things that concern our beloved breed, and what you say in this post is concerning our beloved breed, the first kind of left out that part.

Hopefully we could ask questions first, discuss, and then figure out if the poster is a joker or not before we ban and lock up a thread. OPEN discussion is what we need.



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Thank you

Thank you You seem to be the only one who agrees with me. I mean dosn't the right of free speech play on here too?:>


Re: Thank you

Originally posted by HarleyMan
Thank you You seem to be the only one who agrees with me. I mean dosn't the right of free speech play on here too?:>

I don't think it is a question of free speech but rather that you agreed to certain terms when you signed on.


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If you do decide to go on with this project, PLEASE inform yourself as much as you can on the two breeds you're trying to bring together. Get in touch with an experienced breeder, with a genetecist, with as many knowledgeable people as you can before you begin. There are too many unwanted dogs in this world, please try not to add more.

And yes, all "pure breeds" are mutts....but gorgeous ones at that. Let's all try to remember that the boxer wouldn't be the boxer he is today with out the bringing together of one dog and an English Bulldog for that added Flash we love today.

I support your free speach stance but I will not support any irresponsible breeding. I'm not saying that you are irresponsible, I don't have enough information about you to make any judgement, but I'm just giving you my opinion and my thoughts. Please read my One Dog's Life post on this board, it'll get you thinking on why some people feel the way they do about irresponsible breeding and owners.


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I think there are enough dogs that die in shelters every year without adding to that problem. I fully support Olly's decision to ban people who advocate unethical breeding from boxerworld. I has nothing to do with free speech - it is about saving lives. Have you been to your local shelter ever? Do you know that MILLIONS of dogs are literally DIEING for a home and that there are more puppies born than homes to take them in as it is? I hope that you will get more information before you add to the pet overpopulation tragedy we have in this country.

What is the point of a black and tan boxer? We already have them, they are called brindles. Do you know anything about genetics? Do you know that black is a dominant color and that is one of the reasons that it was bred out of the boxer breed in the first place years and years ago? It seems that if you love boxers you wouldn't want to bring the breed backwards but forward and that the decision to breed would be commited to breeding for the advancemnent of the breed.

How many puppies will it take to get your new breed started? What will happen to them? Do you think people will really want to buy them - I assume that the ACK hasn't already sanctioned your new breed and that they won't have papers. Who will you sell these puppies to? What will happen when the person you sold the puppy to decides it has gotten "too big"? or that they have to move and "can't" take the dog with them? or that the dog "can't be housetrained"? (All of which are reasons often cited when people dump their trusting pets at the shelter.)

Will you then take dogs who were brought into this world by your actions back and care for it for life or find a new home for it - or will that dog die in the shelter like so many other dumped dogs who have lost their puppy appeal?

And sorry, but purebreeds are not mutts - they are pure breeds, the boxer evolved over a long period of time, but it evolved as a breed to serve a specific function, not to form an exciting new color pattern, that does not seem a valid reason to try to begin a "new breed".

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please rethink this decision!

As someone that rescues boxers from shelters, pounds, backyards, rabies control, etc. I can attest to the fact that these facilities are OVERFLOWING with dogs!

It just breaks my heart that you (or ANY untrained person) wants to add to this problem. While it may be "fun" for you to "create" this black/brown pattern (which also sounds like brindle to me), have you ever thought that this would NOT be fun for all the dogs you will produce!?!?

I agree 100% with Boxerworld's decision in this matter & I also agree with Linda's post. Please rethink this irresponsible decision. It is NOT a ban on free speech, it is a policy to protect lives.


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Closing Thread

MotorMan / Harley Man, you have probably been a member of this board long enough to know how people would react to a plan like this, especially as the details were blunt and very unclear and somewhat provocative (we can only go on what we read :) ). I'm closing this thread as it does violate board regulations in the way it was posted. You can review the board rules here:

If you would care to get more details together, health testing plans, actual breeds involved, genetic information, purpose of this breeding (is it for a colour variation, health or both?), long term breeding plan etc etc and post it to the Canine genetics and heredity issues Forum the thread will remain open for discussion :) If you are truly serious I would urge you to get in touch with Dr Cattanach (Steynmere Boxers UK), who is a geneticist and has done some wonderful work in Boxers with regards to heath issues (remembering the control of Progressive Axonopathy in the 80's, heart testing etc). These sites may also help you in your research:

Something else you may need to consider is your foundation stock. It is very unlikely you will be able to come across good, sound foundation stock without a long term plan and goal and in-depth information. You may need to consider joining you nearest Boxer Club and working with breeders there. If you are just doing this on your own you may not be taken seriously, but with backing from breeders / clubs you may. You may even be able to contact your nearest Veterinary College / University and talk to experts in reproduction / disease / genetics who may be able to provide you with backing and assistance.

Thanks for your co-operation regarding forum guidelines.


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What "free speech" ??

It is not a question of "free speech" here as Elsa wrote. This isn't a public site owned by a government etc.
It is a private web site I own and pay more than US$400 a month for it. There are some forums rules if you want to post here. If you do not respect them, you are removed.
We can compared it to a house. I welcome everyone to come in my house as long as they respect the rules and if someone starts to yell insane things, my friend and I will ask him to leave the house.
If you still want to use the term free speech, lets say it is MY right to have my free speech at MY house. You can have your own free speech at YOUR own place.

One part of the rules says "we at this Boxer Board reserve the right to delete any message or to remove any member for any or no reason whatsoever". To be able to post there, you agreed to the terms ("If you agree to the terms, please press the Agree button at the end of the page"). If you are not happy, you are welcome to leave, I do not force you to stay here. That's all.

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