My forever friend

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My frightening ordeal!!! smashicon

After having and loving and been loved by my perfect little yorkshire terrier Mindy, who we had for 17 years I never thought another dog would come into my life. (let alone a very big dog):eek:
A week before christmas ????? my daughter arrived, saying she had my christmas present if I wanted it, in walked my daughters boyfriend or rather he was pulled through the door. the most beautiful dog in all the world walked in , it was love at first sight, although Ginty just sat and growled and growled. My daughter explained Ginty had been passed from one person to another in her short two years, ignored and mostly kept in a cage with little contact from humans, but had come to the end of the line when the person who owned her was going to have her put down. (WHY??), bodily she was perfect her coat shone, and she looked very healthy.:rolleyes:

My husband dashed out to the pet store and brought all the necessary items needed a bed big enough for four boxers, mattress, bowls, biscuits , dog food, lead, collar etc.
Ginty was still sat growling and growling, I was really frightened , but there was something in Gintys eyes that made me love her and trust her.lovicon I tried to get her to sit in her new bed, smashicon no way, so I sat in it, smashicon then I stood in it
and gently called her name:D :D :D :D yes she came and sat in her bed head hung low, still growling, then she peed on my feet:D :D that kinda broke the ice, she had claimed me:p :p :p I was hers, I went up to bed that night followed by her, and she has followed me everywhere ever since. It did take her a long time to trust other people, and she still hates all other mother came to stay with us that christmas she really hated Ginty and vice a versa , Ginty just growled at my mum all the time she was staying with us, my mum went home and vowed she would never come to stay with us again as she was so frightened of Ginty. In the spring my mum was diagnosed with cancer and she came to stay with us, my daughter had time off work so my mum would not be alone with Ginty, one day when I got home from work, my mum was out in the garden playing one, two, three, with Ginty lovicon from then on they were close friends , my mum died that year, but at least she had got to know Ginty and they both loved each other.We have had Ginty now for 5 years and I cant imagine life without her. She is my shadow my friend, the love of my life.


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Thanks so much for the beautiful story. This is my favorite pass time, reading wonderful stories like yours. sniff ... sniff:)


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Great name

Hi Angel, is that your real name!!!!

I think your name is beautiful, is it your real name?? lovicon ,what are your childrens names. my daughter is pregnant and expecting her first baby ( a girl) in September, she has changed her mind that many times with names and at the moment the favourite is Georgia Mai . She like Lacie but her last name is Basie so it sounds funny :D :D :D

I love reading all the posts on Boxerworld and have to have a box of tissues at the ready. I love a happy ending.:D :D :D


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I love Angels

hehe ... no that is not my real name. I just love Angels. My name is Staci. I have a little girl that is 8 yrs. old. Her name is Katelynn but we call her Katy. Good luck to your daughter. I wish her lots of happiness for many years to come. I like the name Georgia. That is a pretty name. :) Staci Jackson


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Great story! I love to read all about how everyone's boxers came into their lives. Ginty is a really beautiful girl. It's hard to imagine that anyone could be afraid of a boxer, just look at the sweet faces with the big sad eyes. Nice to hear that everything worked out just fine.

It was a little tough for my sons when we first got Ruby. She immediately bonded with me, then my husband, but it took her a few months to bond with my sons. She still won't go for walks with them, but she loves to play with them. She plays different with each of us as well. She knows she can be a little rougher with the guys and she is very gentle with me. What a sweetie! :)


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This is so a great story Pammyjean! So nice of you to look past the pain in Ginty and see the love!


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Thanks for sharing Pammyjean. Ginty is a very lucky girl. Your story was very heart warming lovicon


Thanks for the sharing pammyjean. I must say I cried. You have a beautiful girl there. I have seen other pictures of her and she is very photogenic. Actually some time yesterday I saw one of her with a rose. When my husband came home I wanted to show it to him but couldn't find it. I'm still looking. I thought it was a beautiful picture. if you get this before I find it can you tell me where it's at?


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I thought I was the only one who teared up reading your story, thank goodness I wasn't. May you and the adorable puppy-luv live happy for many years.

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