My Dog Is A Coward!!

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Kayla is 17 weeks old today and I firmly believe she is a coward. I took her to PETsMART to buy some new toys and I was specifically looking for the CUZ toys. I found both of them and placed them on the floor for Kayla to choose if she wanted the good one or the bad one. She sniffed them, didn't seem too interested, but when I squeeked it to pique her interest, she jumped and started shaking, obviously scared of the toy. She is the same way with another squeeky toy that we got her. What gives? Does anyone else's Boxer get scared when a squeeky toy is around?

What a goofball.


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I wouldn't worry too much. She's still a little puppy...a baby! It's a big world out there with lots of noise and stuff. Once she gets used to it, as she gets older, she'll be fine.

Good Luck!


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Since she's so young, she might not be used to loud noises yet. Keep exposing her to things/noises and eventually she'll be all about Bad Cuz....I promise!


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The best thing that you can do for your little frightened pup is to take her out and let her experience more of the world. When they are little and young they need to see all parts of the world and hear everything so they understand that no matter where they are that they will be safe. I have a boxer boy that is three years old and I got him as a rescue at two years old and he had never been out of his back yard. He is terrified of loud noises, cars, men, bikes, motorcycle... the list goes on and on. He is getting much better but it is much easier to expose them at a young age and let them get use to things rather than trying to do it when they are really scared and 70 pounds!



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I have a 10 week old and a week or so ago, I would take her outside to do her business and I was near enough to the road that she would hear a trucks air brakes....she would jump!! Now, the same noise causes nothing, although she cannot stand to see a stranger go by and not give a big hello. It is an amazing thing to see "Knuckles" experience the world day by day.


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Give her time, she is still a baby. When my boy was a puppy I took him to petsmart to get toys, I picked up a stuffed gorilla that makes a gorilla sound. It wasn't a very scary toy, but what does my dog do? He is so scared he peed right on the floor of petsmart. Now he is three and thinks he is the biggest tough guy ever. She just has to get used to squeaky toys.

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My pup is almost 4 months old and he is a coward as well. He freaks out when toys move. He runs from them and hides his head! We can't help but to laugh at the silly guy! He was very timid and weary of noises when we first got him, but he's coming around as each day passes.
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