My Cat is in Love with my Boxer

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I never thought I'd see the day when my 12 year old calico would even tolerate a dog, but I guess you are never too old to change. Tigger is an outdoor cat and still a darn good mouser for her years.(I still get "presents" from her at least once a week. YUK!) She is very loving to adults and children, but she does not like dogs at all. Then I got married and Mikey came into the fold. For the longest time she wouldn't have anything to do with him, growling, hissing, claws out and ready to rumble! Pook Mikey! All he wanted was a friendly sniff to figure out what she was.

I think Mikey finally had enough of her terroristic threats, because he knocked her down and stood over her and gave her the sniffing of a lifetime! LOL! I was scared to death he was going to get hurt, but she submitted to it. Ever since then she has been infatuated with him. She follows him everywhere he goes outside and rubs up against him and purrs. If she's hiding somewhere she will come out if she sees Mikey. Mikey gives her all kinds of boxer kisses and wherever she pees outside he will pee overtop of it as if to let everyone know that she is his! What a family I have!
One of our cats, Tigger, loves his boxers. One of the first days Tigger arrived he went up to Gunner and gave him a big ol' "nudge". Gunner didn't know what to think about it cause he had never really been around cats.

Tigger seems not to like Quinsi since he is a puppy and terrorizes Tigger at every chance. But, there have been times that I caught Tigger giving Quinsi the "nudge" also. :D


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my daughter got her cat when she was a kitten and sinbad my boxer would just lick her and clean her like a momma cat would. she had kittens a little over 2 months ago, me and sinbad sat and watched her have them and sinbad was going up to them and sniffing and checking them out after she had cleaned them up. it was so cute and she (the cat) didnt have a problem with him being around them. now sierra was a different story all together.... i think it is so cute when you see cats and dogs getting along so well together and being buddies....


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Our Greta and Tiger (kitty) get along so well together too. Tiger was at the vets overnight last Friday (neutered) and Greta searched in all his favorite places most of the night looking for him. She was very excited when Tiger finally came home Saturday morning and it was almost like she knew he was a little sore and couldn't play like normal. She just laid beside him and licked him like crazy....too cute!
That just contributes to my theory that EVERYONE loves boxers once they get to know them. :D

Too cute! you have to get photos...
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