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I am trying to find help for my wonderful boxer,I saved him from death from staving.I have had him for 6months,he is over a year old.He has boxer colitis very bad i have tried everything,the vet says he might have to be put down,i did not save hime to be put down.I love him,he is so fuuy,i need some kind of help please please.Can anyone help me.


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What has your vet said? Hill's makes some very good prescription dog foods for things like this. You might want to ask your vet about this food, because like I said, it's prescription food. It just seems like they should be able to get this under control, but then again, it's hard to say how much damage has been done.


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There is also medication for colitis which can be of great benefit to your dog. I think you need to find another vet, one who is more interested in keeping the dog healthy and alive rather than taking the "easy" way out by putting the dog down.

Please consult another vet and I'm sure you'll find medication and foods which will help your dog.

Remember also that stress can be a big factor in colitis. Try and keep your dog on schedules and as calm as possible. This has helped my Susie tremendously. She still gets bouts of colitis, but only when she's upset or has eaten something she shouldn't, or too many treats (my fault). I do give her medication which the vet gave us for these bouts.

Good luck.


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Is your vet even sure its colitis? Our Scooby would get sick,diahrea, listless. Bloodwork and organ profiles were done. We were told it was pancreatitus. He was put on Hill's ID. He would get better, then get sicker. This went on for four months. Finally in June , he spent two days in the hospital. Two weeks later,sick again. Only this time, he showed the same symptoms, plus neck pain. My vet was like "oh my God-he's got meningitus" So we took him to a neurologist, who did a spinal tap. And yes. It was meningitus. He's still on medication, but doing great. When your dog defecates, is there blood or something in it that looks fleshy and rubbery? I hope that this is not what's wrong. I just don't want to see anyone go through what our baby did before. Also, our Scooby is the same age as your dog.


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Putting him down sure sounds extreme. Lacy had troubles with inflammatory bowel disease for over a year, and that thought never crossed my vet's or my mind. We had much luck with metronidazole and Eukanuba Low Residue dog food. This is a prescription food you can only get from the vet. Has your vet suggested a prescription food? If not, perhaps you should ask him about it. Or maybe you should try another vet! Have you tried different foods? We now have Lacy on a venison based food from Regal that she is doing great on, but before she went on the prescription food we tried many different foods (lamb & rice, chicken & turkey based foods). Nothing helped her until the meds & the Eukanuba. It was a lot of trial and error, but now she is healthy and back on regular dog food.


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plain yogurt

I have a female that has colitis that flares up now and then. I ususlly give her some plain yogurt with an active culture in her dry food. Usually a heaping teaspoon once a day does the trick. It takes a few days to work, but does help her with the discomfort. The medication the gave her always made her vomit and this is much cheaper and easier to give. I hope you can find some relief for your baby.



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I do not have the sage advice as the above posters but bless you for saving your baby and giving him a wonderful life. Investigate the possibilites and go with your heart! There are many miracle stories here on the board lovicon and putting him down should be the very last resort. Can you post a photo?


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Here's a great food recipe for dogs with Colitis. It comes highly recommended by breeders and rescuers.

Upset tummy diet and for bouts of colitis:
This diet is ok for 1 week or so but long term use should have more
vitamins and nutrients added via supplementation. I can help you with
that if needed. You should switch back to kibble gradually and hope that
they will still eat it after this treat ;-)

Cooked white rice (not long grain as it is harder to digest)
Canned pumpkin (not pie filling as it contains sugar)
Boiled chicken with skin removed
Large curd cottage cheese (not nonfat)
Acidophilus powder, probiotic or digestive enzyme which I give daily to
help digestion of kibble but during this time it is a necessity to
repair the flora of the digestive tract. You can get Prozyme at most pet
stores, acidophilus at health food stores (should be in the refrig
section). If you are looking for a great one to use daily (it does help
with boxer gas!) go to and it is called
Berte's Probiotic Blend.

Do not add water to meals during this time

I would feed about 1-2 cups of white rice and 1 cup chicken twice a day.
Add a heaping 1/4 cup of pumpkin and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese per meal.
The amounts of rice an chicken will vary by the size of the dog. Better
to start with less and see how the system reacts.
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