MY Boxer doesn't Jump what about yours

Does Your Boxer Jump

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  • Jump sometimes

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  • Jump almost never

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  • Never Jump

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Completely Boxer Crazy
Boz is ALWAYS jumping on and over everything. I can't believe how high he can jump. It's always one surprise after another with these furbabies :D

debbie knowles

Boxer Insane
Jack???? Jump???

With a name like Jumpin' Jack Flash, I just let you decide for yourself.:D djk

PS: Did I mention his nicknames are Jack Rabbit and Jack Bunny!

tracy sterry

Boxer Booster
naz jumps up on to the sofa the bed all the comfy places where he loves to sleep. One thing which im happy about is that naz wont jump the fence he is too much of a wimp another boxer i know is always jumping the fence to come and visit her boyfriend NAZ HAHAH. luckily he doesnt do the same smashicon


J.J. jumps all the time. We also call him Jumpin' Jack Rabbit. He hops along after all the toys we throw, it is so cute. He also will jump onto and into anything. He doesn't care what it is, he is going to check it out. I also find it amazing how he jumps so high from a sitting position. My husband is 6 ft. even and J.J. jumps up to his chest. My husband can catch him with out bending over. He is also a little hyper (the dog, lol), but we love it. He was 4 months old a few days ago. My friend calls him legs because it looks like he is nothing but legs. So, funny.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Tyson's nickname is "little buck" b/c he jumps so high in the air, and with his fawn coloring he looks like a little dear.
Both my boys are VERY bad about jumping on people but I have had no problems with fence jumping


Boxer Booster
Jingo is our gravity challenged dog! She's part gazelle & part Tigger! LOL It's like she has springs for legs.

When she was a puppy we threw toys up and down the stairs to wear her out. I'm starting to think that wasn't such a good idea! Her legs a very, very muscular.

She literally sails through the air. From standing still she can jump up and lick your face (I'm 5'7"). She's incredible.

It's a real problem when we have guests. smashicon If we are being good parents, she's on a lead. If not, (most of her "uncles" lover her and ...sigh... encourage her), she's all over them.

Luckily Milo doesn't really jump on people. He does this hop thing with his front half, while the back half is firmly grounded. Thank goodness!


Super Boxer
Oscar jumps and leaps everywhere!! We have taken to him to the beach today and he has been jumping over the waves - it is so funny to watch. He gets behind the waves and then runs to catch it up and jumps over !!



Boxer Buddy
Summer Definitely Jumps!

Im almost 6 foot tall and when I come home from work she gets so excited that she can jump as tall as my head! I also cant leave her in the back yard alone because she hates to be alone out there and she can jump chain link fences! Summer is also all legs and they are very muscular!
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