MY Boxer doesn't Jump what about yours

Does Your Boxer Jump

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Betty Cavender

Boxer Pal
I read about all the boxer traits and Mac seems to have all them, but one. He does not jump. I have to pick him up to put him in the bed.
Rowdy will jump to get in my full size truck, but I don't have any problems with him jumping the fence. My wife doesn't let the dogs sleep in our bed, but if I did Rowdy wouldn't need to jump to get on our bed. He would just step up. How old is Mac? Nice name!


Boxer Insane
Our one girl, Willow, would never jump on the bed or couch. She would just paw us until we would pick her up. But now she jumps up there with no problem. Chloe jumps really high when we get home. She waits by the door jumping straight up into the air and comes pretty close to the top of the window on the door. She's a little hyper!:rolleyes:
Subi and Bailey only jump when we get home, when they are excited or want on the bed but they never jump the fence. GOOD thing tooo. my 5'10 husband can be at full height and Bailey can jump and touch her nose to his forehead, she is a really good jumper


Boxer Pal
My one year old boy, Brutus will not jump either. He leaps in the air when my husband and I come home, but he will not jump up into our bed, or our truck. At first it was cute but now that he weighs 80lbs and I only weigh 100lbs it is a chore getting him up.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Monty can leap so high that I'm usually terrified he's going to fall and hurt himself. He loves to jump up at branches on trees and can easily soar past my shoulders.

However he wont jump in the boot of the car. I have to lift his front paws up and then heave his back end into the car. I'm sure if there was a pussy cat on top he would leap onto the roof with no problem.


Boxer Insane
Ozzy jumps! he jumps over Ryker when we go for a walk, jumps off the deck to the bottom, like nothing! loves to jump. We call him the rabbit!


Completely Boxer Crazy
Gidget jumps and runs like a gazelle!!!
She didn't jump as much as a young pup but at about 6 months she found her legs.:D
She can jump on or over just about anything, we don't have a fence but Iv'e seen her jump as high as my moms fence!
I am always amazed when she leaps straight up in the air from a standing or sitting position. It's like she has springs in her legs.


Loke is a jumper when she wants on the bed, which is a no-no. But she won't jump in the back of my XTerra! Or down for that matter! She wouldn't even jump in the back of Hubby's toyota pickup which is alot closer to the ground, about the same height as the bed in the house! Road trips are not very fun when I have to lift her and plead with her to get in and out of the truck!!:rolleyes:

clara's parents

Completely Boxer Crazy
Clara jumps around all the time. She's so funny because she's 3 mo. actually.....and can't jump onto things like the bed or the couch but she just hops around for no apparent reason!
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