My beautiful boy Austin...

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I haven't logged on here in about 4 years..but since I used to be on here all of the time to get advice and to share the love of boxers...I figured I would send his goodbyes here too.

I haven't updated pictures in years, but Austin was just about 8.5...the picture of health (minus some gray hairs) and just the biggest teddy bear to my two skin babies. In this brief moment of clarity I remember all of his wonderful qualities...even all of the not so wonderful qualities that I still love/d. My heart aches for aches to hold him again and to smell him again... It aches for his niece/sister who is left wondering where her confident, sweet brother went. It aches for my 8week old baby who will never know him, and my 2 year old that was just getting to know him. He was the first boxer who ever owned me an my whole heart. I can see him beaning and grinning at me know hoping to get a treat...or go on a walk...or to the park.

I cannot begin to list all of the wonderful memories he left us with...I feel like he is going to come he's just not gone...I wasn't ready and it was too sudden. He was too young. It was too traumatic. We were just on a walk and he collapsed. I did CPR on him and he started breathing again when my husband got there. He even walked into the vet's office acting like his jovial self. While he was they noted some VT (ventricular tachycardia) on the EKG and he collapsed again but my strong baby boy came back.

We transferred him to another facility hoping to get him through the night. He passed away with a fight too the end. He must have had some sort of cardiomyopathy that snuck up on us....He joins my wonderful family already in heaven and all the other wonderful dogs I have known before him. It is so surreal to even speak these words...I will always love you beautiful, sweet, innocent, baby boy!!!!!!!


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I am so sorry for your loss! Run free at the bridge Austin. Godspeed!


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So sorry for your loss of Austin,will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult forever free Austin and Godspeed sweet boy.


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My heart breaks for you. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family.

Run forever free at the bridge Austin. Godspeed.


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I'm sorry to hear of your loss - I'm certain your boy is well received by all our waiting family at the Bridge!

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I am so sorry for your loss. I've lost pets suddenly, and through known illnesses. It's tough both ways, but sudden death is such a shock. There is simply no way to prepare, no last minute "bucket list" items to do, no special visits or treats. It hurts so much.

Godspeed dear boy.

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