My baby has pyothorax..Prayers please ( bit long)

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Sooo I have not been on here for over a year, but my eldest Boxerbabe has been ill for the last 8 weeks. The vets could not understand what was wrong with him. He started with a bad leg but then would lose weight rapidly have a temperature, he would get well for a few days then go down suddenly. The vets still kept thinking it was his leg but I knew it was more than that..Anyhoo after 7 weeks they finally reffered me to a specialist (yesterday). Wecwere in time as he collapsed at the vets and has gone from 32kilos to 29 in a space of a few days. They called me yetserday at 4pm and advised me that it was Pyothorax and he was in a serious way..In a nutshell I COULD LOSE HIM this can be fatal :(

Hes such a brilliant gentleman and whilst I have 2 and know we should have no favourites he does have a special place in my heart... Im sorry I havent posted to BW in a while but I know there will be many boxer moms knowing what I am feeling like right now. Apparently he has to have an aggresive course of antibiotics ( 10 pills a day for 6 weeks) and there is no guarantee it will help!! Im sooo glad Im insured cos money is the least of my worries right now.

Please please evryone be careful of the long grass especially May-June time, Apparently he has pus covered in his chest from either seed grass or something like that working its way to his chest..The poor chap cant breathe as is cavities are filled. Im sure he will amke it he is a fighter but cos hes been ill for 8 weeks I dont know how advanced it is. Signs of this are - Listlessness, weight loss, depression and high temperature-How my vets didnt spot it sooner I dont know.
Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum..I just wanted UK owners to be aware( and US) of this problem as I couldnt find a thread on it, I will keep you posted they dont know if the antibiotics will work its just a wait and see...


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You and your love are in my prayers. I wish you all the best and hope he recovers quickly.

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Sending lots of positive, healing vibes to your boy. He will be in my prayers. Balboa sends lots of gentle, getwell kisses.


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wow I have never heard of this.
Good luck, we will all be sending you, plenty hugs, kisses & healing boxer vibes ((((((((((((((xx))))))))))))))))
keep us posted. (where are you in the UK)


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Loads of healing vibes going out to your precious boy. I'm so sorry he is so ill, and hope that the medication will bring him back to good health. My heart goes out to you as I know how worried you are, and how it hurts to see him so sick. Hang in there, and please let us know how he's doing. (((hugs)))


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sending you lots of those good ol' boxer healing (((((vibes))))) your way and hope he makes a speedy recovery.please keep us posted,thanx

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Keeping you and your special boy in our thoughts and prayers. I hope he recovers well from this (I too have a "special, favorite" boy) and is with you for a long time to come
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