My 2 year old son may need edoscopic surgery

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He swallowed a quarter about 2 1/2 weeks ago. They had said at first that they were going to give it 2 weeks to see if it passes and it didn't even budge, so they sent me to a pediatric surgeon. Well, he said he wanted to wait another to weeks to see if it passes, but it hadn't moved at all in his stomach in the last 2 weeks. They went ahead and scheduled endoscopic surgery for next friday. I'm a nervous wreck. Please send vibes this way that he passes it. I hate the thought of him lying there on the operating table.. And please, if anyone else has been in this situation, please help reassure me that everthing is going to be okay. Thank you..


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Your little boy will just fine. My daughter had endscopic surgery done when she was 10 months old. She swallowed a nail (the kind you use to hang pictures.) We took her to her normal doctor they did x-rays found where the nail was at. Sent us to the hospital. They did more x-rays, put Taytum on an IV, they sent us up to the surgery floor. There they explain to us the whole procedure. They started the meds to put Taytum to sleep. I got to stay with her until she started to get sleepy. They too her of to the OR and did the procedure. I think it took them about an hour to do the whole thing. They used a an endoscopic to help them find the nail and a prong device to pull the nail out of her stomach. She was good as new after that. I think the hardest part of everything was when they put the IV in her arm. She was so little and they had a hard time getting the needle in her.
I hope your son does pass the quarter soon. If he doesn't he will be okay with the surgery. Hang in there.

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I hope your son does pass the quarter naturally.I will be keeping him in my prayers. Please let us know how things go.
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I've had several endoscopies due to a family and personal history of reflux and other minor stomach irritation. It's actually a relatively minor procedure. I can totally understand your concern, since this is your little guy, but I assure you, the procedure is quick and I do not believe it is too risky. They typically give a medication to sedate, then begin. The last two I had, I do not even remember. Regardless, I hope the quarter moves on through before next Friday. If it does not, the procedure should be totally painless for your son. I think you will probably feel more pain than he, due to the fact he's your child and your concern for his welfare is natural.


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I agree he will be fine. I had the procedure done once, no big deal. When i worked in the doctors office we scheduled many for patients, even for kids and I've never heard of anyone having a problem. We had 1 little kid who was sucking on a short pencil, somehow he swallowed it! that had to be removed. I know it is scary when it involves your own child but really it is a minor procedure and he will be fine. (if he even needs it). Good luck

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Hoping your little guy passes that sucker before next Friday. My son had surgery when he was 4, and the worst part was before. But they are really good with kids, they took him to the O.R. in a little red wagon, and let him choose the flavor of anasthetic he wanted. And I got to stay with him until he was asleep. I think we take it much harder than our kids do. Try to stay calm so he doesn't feed off of your anxiety. ((hugs))


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So sorry about your son's is scary when anything medical is going on with your kids. Endoscopic surgery is usually a fairly minor procedure and I'm sure he'll come through with flying colors. My daughter had her kidney removed when she was 3 mos old. and had two laproscopic surgeries as well, one before and one after. It is scary but I can tell you that kids heal so quick and so much better than adults do, it's amazing. My DD didn't even require any pain meds other than tylenol after having a major organ taken out of her body. It totally blew my mind. We went home 2 days after surgery, that wasn't even time for her incision to close. He's going to be just fine. Hang in there, think positive and you know we'll all be thinking of him and sending hugs and healing vibes.
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