My 2 boxers died & I may get a grown boxer soon

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She is so pretty! I am so glad to hear that all is working out well in your home. Please keep letting us know how she is. And if you think yu are going to get away with only a few pics your crazy...we want MORE!!!!!!!

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More pics to come this week-end. It's going to be a beautiful week-end, so we will be sure to get and get some more shots!

Thanks so much for your encouragment, and taking the time to look at Kaylee's pic's!

Have a lovely week-end all!



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Oh, my, she looks like Titus!

They could be brother and sister! Only he's a lot older. She's gorgeous!:p
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She's just lovely! She looks exactly like my Daisy they could be twins! Check her out in my gallery. Good luck with her!

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