My 2 boxers died & I may get a grown boxer soon

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Rowdy Boys

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I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved babies. I have been following both your threads, and Kaylee sounds like a wonderful dog. I think you have a great opportunity on your hands here between both Kaylee and the breeder.

Good luck. I am sure you are excited to meet her.


Hannah's Mom

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I'm so glad to hear you decided to get another Boxer. I know exactly what you meant when you said "Now I have changed my mind as I realize just how empty our home feels without that "dog energy." After losing my precious Hannah I felt so completely empty and Micah has helped heal that wound, although I think of Hannah and miss her daily, I am very grateful for Micah.

Debbie: I must be very emotional today, your post made me cry....

Debbie Magon

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And now, although I am still reeling from their loss, I know another boxer "angel" will help me dry my tears. And I hope to be everything to a boxer again.

And that is why I can let my "angels" go.

Joan I.

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Hi all:

Thought I'd give everyone an update on Kaylee.

You might want to check out the posts on "Puppy Matters" then "Choosing a breeder," then my posting: "need some expert advice on my possible new dog".

I had actually decided we were going to meet Kaylee tomorrow, then I read an excellent posting by a breeder that made me think twice. I had to agree with the issues she raised. But more opinions followed after that, and now I am back to being undecided again.

SO, have a read if you are interested. It actually has been a lively and very informative discussion today.

Debbie, I am very interested in your opinion on what was said, as I respected what you had to say to me on this thread. (And everyone else too!)

I am sad and my head hurts!

I hope a good night's sleep will help me to figure out what is the best thing to do, both for myself and Kaylee.

Thanks all!


Joan I.

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Hi everyone:

Just wanted to make sure everyone on this thread knew that Kaylee came home with us last night!

It was a bit of a rough start with her jumping on my 5 year old daughter and giving her a bloody lip, (total accident,) but she's doing well so far here at home. (24 hours now.)

As I mentioned in my last post, check out the "Choosing a Breeder" forum for more details, and thanks again to everyone for your lovely support!

More on Kaylee to follow on other forums....

Thanks again!


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Joan, please let us know when you have some pics up! Congrats! Can't wait to see Kaylee!

Christa & Angel:)

Joan I.

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Finally, pics of Kaylee!

To everyone who followed the story of Kaylee, I finally have some pics set up! They are not the best, (the camera isn't great,) but still worth having a peek at!

Kaylee is doing well after her spay on Tuesday; pretty much bounced back. We are loving her, and know she is such a gift!

Thanks for all your support, and let me know how you like the pics!


Here they are, (there's a few):

(Photo gallery/home/brindle boxers...I think!)


Boxer Insane
OMG Joan...she is beautiful!! Congratulations to you and to Kaylee! I am sure you will enjoy every moment with her. Have fun!!:) I am so happy for you!

Sharon, Xena & Spirit :)


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I don't usually like cropped ears, but Kaylee's are beautiful! They did a wonderful job on her ears.
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