My 2 boxers died & I may get a grown boxer soon

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Joan I.

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Hi everyone:
My Buster Man died Jan 12th, and Baylee girl died on Sept. 26. So devastatingly painful. Buster was 11 and Baylee 9. I didn't think I would want another dog for some time. Now I have changed my mind as I realize just how empty our home feels without that "dog energy." I have met my former's husband's boxer breeder. (He has 2 boxers from her, a 4 year old boy, very nice, black brindle and flashy, and a fawn girl puppy, both very sweet gentle temperaments.) He is very happy with the breeder, and I met her yesteday and quite liked her too. She has a 3 year old girl boxer, also a flashy black brindle, and this girl needs a home. Her previous owners marriage split up, and now neither of them have a stable environment for a dog, so the breeder took her back. We haven't met this girl yet, (her name is Kaylee,) however Tom (my former husband,) has and says she is very polite and well-behaved, gentle sweet and loving. We will meet her this week-end! The breeder initially wanted some money for her, but after we met the breeder in person, she said she would give Kaylee to us if we would allow her to breed Kaylee one more time. (She has had one litter.)
I am a wee bit nervous about it for some reason. I'm not sure why. I can't tell if it's because my grief over Buster is still so fresh, whether I am frightened to get hurt again, or what? I noticed that almost all the boxers described on these forums have natural ears, which is what I like. Is it the common thing in the U.S. for boxers to remain uncropped now? It seems that here in Canada, many boxers are cropped, as is the case with Kaylee. I find myself diappointed that her ears aren't natural, but I don't want this to influence my decision cause she needs a home. (This breeder produces a lot of show dogs, and I think Kaylee was probably shown when she was younger, thus the ears.) It's a complete travesty, but here in Canada, it s very difficult for a boxer to win in the ring with natural ears. This bugs me so much! Anyway, I am not sure what I am asking, but just wanted to connect with all you boxer people out there and get some feedback. Kaylee sounds wonderful and she does need a home. And we did want to adopt an older dog who needed a home. Maybe I am just mistrustful of the whole breeding of dogs to make money. But how realistic is that? Without breeders there would be no purebred boxers! I appreciate your feedback and I'll keep you posted...We are supposed to meet her this coming week-end.
Thanks everyone!


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hi i really dont know what to say im so sorry about the loss of your 2 babies and i hope what ever u decide turns out for the best i know how feel about giving kaylee a home (poor girl) i hope it all goes well and good luck Jenn and Sasha


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Wait until you see her this weekend and your heart will tell you what to do. It sounds like she is already trained and that's a big plus. I know what you mean about the "empty house". When my Golden Retriever had to be put down two years ago, I was sure I didn't want another dog. Then, after a month, I couldn't stand it. I missed his presence so much. Now I have two darling boxer babies and have never regretted the decision. They help heal the hurt.

And yes, ears seem to be the trend in the U.S. now. I very rarely see cropped ears anymore. Good luck with your decision. Keep us updated. :D


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Sorry to hear about the loss of your babies. I'm sure Kaylee will shine on you..:) Be sure to keep us posted on what happens.
Welcome to Boxerworld!!!!

Barb and Lacey


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I'd take a boxer even if it had NO ears at all! :)

I think in the US and most of those you meet here on BW who have natural eared boxers are owners who have pet dogs, not show dogs. The show ring is different all over the world. Most show dogs tend to be cropped. I'm not sure what the official AKC rule is on cropped ears for conformation but I'm sure there are those who are working to be able to show natural eared boxers if they are not already allowed to do so.

For those of us with non-show dogs it is personal preference or sometimes a breeder's preference as to the ears.

Hope all goes well with your meeting with Kaylee!


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So sorry to hear about your babies :( But it is uplifting knowing you may soon have another boxer in your home and in your heart. They don't replace those who have gone before them but they seem to have some sort of healing energy! I love my baby girl Angel! Can't wait to see pics of Kaylee! I am sure it will be love at first site! (or lick! :) )

Christa & Angel :)


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I'm so sorry you lost both Buster and Baylee! That is quite a loss.

I'm glad you are considering getting another boxer. I agree that when you meet Kaylee, you will know for sure whether to keep her or not. I'm betting you will fall in love immediately, and wonder why you were nervous about it at all!:)

My personal preference is natural ears, too, but I'd take one with cropped ears (or no ears, like Dan said)! Just as long as it's a boxer, I don't care what color either! (My boy Beau even has his tail!)

Good luck and keep us posted!


Joan I.

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Thanks everyone!
You are all right. It's not the dog's fault her ears were cropped, all she cares about is being loved and loving back!
I posted some questions on the breeder questions forum as well, and got some good advice about the right questions to ask the breeder. Some suggestions were that I ensure the health testing of Kaliie, and whether she was shown or evaluated. I will ask these questions of the breeder before I decide. However, when it comes right down to it, if I am willing to adopt a rescue boxer, a dog I probably wouldn't have had records of health tests on, a dog that might or might not have been shown or evaluated, why wouldn't I be willing to adopt Kaylee, with or without health testing? Her parents have been health tested back several generations.
I do have to get some questions of the whole breeding thing answered for sure though. I can see it now: my dog Kaylee goes off to have puppies, and I am not going to want one of those sweeties?! We had 2 boxers in the house for over 9 years...
Anyway, thanks to everyone, I feel better! I will keep you posted about what happens! Thank you for the kind words about Buster and Baylee. It truly shattered my heart to lose them both. I know you are right; another boxer will not replace them, but will give me another dog to love, and that is heart medicine for sure...

ed keenan

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I agree with Douma. I bet she comes home with you!! Sorry to read about Buster & Baylee. They will always be in your heart. Sissyangelicon
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