More photos of NW boxer playday!

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Christian C.

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How fun! It looks like everyone had a great time. I wish we had a boxer playday in Virginia. BTW, is Lacie your dog? I had to blink twice to make sure it wasn't my Georgie! She came from Oregon so perhaps they're related. What cute girls!


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Great photos! Can you also put people's nickname and not just the dogs name as we (the people who did not have the chance to participate to your Boxer Bash) do not know who is who :)



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No, Lacie belongs to Cindy. Bailey is mine. They also look very similar. :)

Olly, I will do my best to label the photos. There were so many people and dogs, I could hardly keep everyone straight. :o


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Hi Linda!
Thanks for sharing your pics with us! Looks like everyone, humans included, had a great time! I did recognize one person in the photos but I won't name names :LOL: Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Timmy S.

Great Pictures Linda!:D Looking forward to seeing more of them! I developed the 2 1/2 rolls of film I took at the Bash, but I do not have a scanner. I'm going to get a little photo album and put them all in there. That way when we all get together next time I'll bring the album and everyone can look at them. Just like you did with the pictures you brought from the boxer bash before.

BTW, thanks for posting pictures with me in them!:rolleyes: (I'm the obscenely white, pale-faced dork with the shaved head wearing the yellow shirt.) I think the internet public should have been spared my ugly mug!:LOL:

Can't wait to see more pictures of our Boxers!:)
Just no more pictures of toe-head here though!:D


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Thanks for posting the pictures from last Sunday. We had a great time and were sorry to leave so soon. It was a bit much for our two year son. Nevertheless we are looking forward to the next get together.

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks for organizing such a nice event.



Great Pictures

I loved the photos....Hey who is that pretty white boxer? I am partial to whites LOL...
Linda great pics! I cant wait to see the rest, you do such a good job of getting them up on your site! We had so much fun and i cant wait to do it again.


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I added more!

Check out the page again. I've crammed more photos on it. :p

And I'd like everyone's opinion on my favorite photo of Aaron's (ASY) son. I just think it is so sweet! lovicon

There's another of Cindy and Lacie I think is cute too... And then there's the one of Jackson... :LOL:

Just take a look for yourself. :D
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