More boxers in the neighborhood

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As most of you know, We're staying with some friends until my house is finished in a couple of months. Our temporary home is just a walk from the new neighborhood, so when I go to look at the progress, I take Boomer with me. We had met a couple with two boxers previously, but last night I got a formal introduction, and Boomer played with their two girls in their backyard. Mom & Dad were really excited to see another boxer in the neighborhood. The great thing is that they worship the girls as most of us worship ours as well.



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Wow that is so cool!! How lucky for Boomer he is going to have Boxerfriends to play with.

In our area there really are not a lot of boxers. I do find though, on our Sunday's down at the lakeshore, there must have been at one time quite the boxer population. We are constantly approached by seniors, wanting to meet my two, then they begin to tell me all there stories of when they too owned boxers. Many of them had more than one at a time. I enjoy this, as they are able to validate to me everything I feel about the boxer breed. I constantly here how a boxer is the most loyal, gentle, loving yet challenging breed to own. They have all assured me it is totally normal for my two to challenge me almost daily, and advise me to always keep a kind yet firm hand on them. I love my days at the lakeshore just for this reason. Our chats always end with my two getting a hug and kiss from these wonderful people. I walk away feeling like we had all just experienced the most wonderful sharing experience with each other, Kailee and Clyde included.

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