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We adopted Molly on 7-1-05 from a supposed rescue. We found her on pet finder and immediately fell in love with her. The ad read: 18 month old boxer girl house trained, altered,all shots and loves to ride in the car. Good in the house and excellent temperament, a gentle boxer . ONE of these was true. Molly as sick and afraid as she has been has not once shown any type of aggression, she is gentle. She was so afraid that she never left her blanket except to go out side (reluctantly). She has seen 2 different Vets and has alot of physical issues. She is approx 4 years old , had multiple litters, had both ears infected, high fever, pancreatitus and tons of hook and whip worms.I paid
a premium price (400)to adopt MOlly but I felt it would help the rescue.
So far my vet bills are over 400.00. I need to get her shots (rabies etc)once she is over all this other stuff. I was given no records when we picked her up . I have since learned from a legitimate boxer rescue(who happen to be some of the most wonderful and caring people), that this is a puppy mill thinly disguised as a rescue. It should have tipped me off when I saw so many pure bred dogs along with the others. Poor Molly was so sick and scared. Well needless to say We love her and she is in the best of hands with us. Beware there are many dedicated people doing rescue work but then there are the others.


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Welcome to BW Lainie and Molly.

You are awesome for helping Molly. That is so sad that the supposed "rescue" is passing off sick dogs this way, and taking advantage of the new owners by making them shoulder all the medical expenses to get the dog back to where it should be!

Can you report this breeder/"rescue" to your local authorities for any violations you observed? Get the other dogs there some help they need?


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Welcome Molly's HERO!!!! Your poor baby. Its a good thing you got her when you did. A big hats of to you and your family :)

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Oh the poor girl. Thank goodness you rescued her and she is now getting proper medical care and love. It's so sad that people can let a living being get into such a bad state of health-how do they sleep at night?? At least your girl will now know that there are lots of good humans in this world and she will have a wonderful life with you!
I'm so glad Molly came to you, you will teach her love and patience, I know.

I agree- you should report this fake rescue to the authorities (animal control, police, anything)

Keep us posted on little Molly's health and well-being!


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Yes, I take in society's unwanteds and "rehab" them to make them physically, medically and socially ready for a new life and a new home. I do ask a fee, but usually it is only a PORTION of what I have put into the dog in vet care. It varies from animal to animal because of this. People adopting can see for themselves by looking at all vet receipts on that animal by asking.

NO ANIMAL ever leaves my home or my responsibility without a heartworm prevention pill for their first month in the new home, and the following documents: signed adoption agreement, copies of all receipts from the vet, a vaccination record and/or sterilization certificate, statement from me for the adopters to take to the vet to have the Rabies certificate transferred into their name. The only dogs who do not have a sterilization certificate are those who are dropped off at the vet office and the owners pay for their surgery as part of our agreement - then the vet gives them the sterilization certificate. I would NEVER fathom letting an intact dog of breeding age (pure or mixed) leave my home to start their new life - no matter WHO the adopter was!

I have been accused of running a backyard breeding operation for Boxers, yes....because since I have been here, I have had 2 abandoned bitches with some of their pups in my yard. Luckily, my friends at animal control know my address, back what I do, and inform the nosy neighbors that there is a fine for filing a false report.

SADLY though, there are many, MANY folks in this country who have changed what "rescue" means. Just because you found a dog or retired a breeding dog and want a new home does not give you the right to ask hundreds of dollars for them. It is these sham operations that give the legit rescues and rescuers a harder time gaining the trust of shelters and communities. Many see us as hoarders, and think that we are going to have 150 dogs or whatever. Even some animal control offices are like this, and don't give ANY leeway to foster homes or rescues. They are afraid that if they give special consideration that they will end up having to retrieve dozens of animals from a home.

For anyone to sit by silently after seeing the condition of the dog in their care - I would speak up. Contact animal control in the area, the health department, the USDA - whoever you can. If this is a true puppymill (which is possible considering you mention many purebreds), then they have to have USDA inspections periodically (which are pretty much a joke in themselves) to ensure compliance with USDA rules. Otherwise, depending on local ordinances, the owners should at the VERY least have a kennel license.

I hope your girl is strong enough to overcome these illnesses. She sounds like an absolute doll. It's just too bad you had to meet under such circumstances.


Congrats on your new addition and thank goodness it was you that stepped up to help this unfortunate girl. My thougts are with you through all of this plenty of licks and slobbers from my Molly to yours.


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A Molly update!

First and foremost thank you all for your support I really appreciate your concern.
Well Molly is now physically in excellent shape. All her health issues have been taken care of. Now we have to work on her fear of almost everything (including my husband!) He has made such an effort to get her to love him but..... her fear of anything different from HER norm(for instance taking a different path to her potty place) is also difficult.

What would you all suggest? A trainer of some kind? Money is a little tight as expenses have went way over expectations. But we will try to do what is necessary as she is important to us.

The scary part is we are going on vacation at the end of Aug and she will be at a kennel(pet resort ;) ) for a week and I am dreading this. We scheduled our vacation long before me got our rescue girl so.... I'd love to get some input on all of this. Thank You!

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Sorry, I have no input for you. I inly want to say I am very happy to see such an improvement in Molly. Just be patient and show her lots of love. We got Zoe from a rescue one and a half years ago and she was a whole different animal back then. She has turned out to be such a good girl. Sometimes I wonder if she is so good because she realizes how good she has it now.

Lots of luck. Y'all are wonderful people for what you are doing with Molly.


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Sounds about right to be honest. I was charged $300 for Sonny from P.L. and interestingly enough, he doesn't want to go outside at all either without me by his side although he is getting better if Andy is with him.

I look forward to finding out if it is in fact the same "shelter".
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