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I adopted a 7 month old boxer/lab female from a family member's farm a couple years ago (she loved to kill chickens). Since she's been with me, I've become convinced that she's a boxer-the lab just made her coat black and white. I recently discovered your site, and though I know its purpose is reserved for real boxers, I will visit it frequently. So many of the training concerns, behaviors, temperment, etc. are my Ruby through and through. I wish I had discovered your site earlier--I would have learned a lot faster what she's been trying to teach me. She has become the most wonderful dog I've ever had (I've had dogs my whole life, many of them labs, and she's not like any of them). Here's my question: is it possible that a mixed breed "boxer" can really be a "boxer" (in temperment,behavior, etc.)or should I just admit that I am only fantasizing? And get the real thing...


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Hi and welcome Mimi :) There are several board members who have Boxer crosses. I think it is very possible that your girl is all Boxer in character :)


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Welcome to the board, Mimi! We like everybody! :D Sounds like your baby has a boxer heart. My Cooper's best buddy is a yellow lab. They get along great although they are very different in personality and temperment. Glad to have you here.

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