Mixed Boxer

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Boxer Pal
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Phantom is feeling much better thanks to the antibiotics and baby asprins he was prescribed. Back to his normal cane raising self. Now if I can get him to quit chewing on Lucky's ears I'll be in good shape! The dogs are all getting along really well and Phantom is mystified by our parrot. He cocks his head and looks at her in such a cute way whenever I get her out.


Boxer Insane
Hello and welcome to our online Boxer family! Siren sends welcome wiggles to y'all! The site is easy to use and the moderators are fair and helpful! The other boxer lovers are funny and honest – don’t be afraid to ask questions and share stores! Come on in and enjoy - the more you participate the more you'll love being here!


Super Boxer
Hello and welcome! I live in S. Covington/Taylor mill KY!! I'm pretty close to ya!! We also have a lab and a housefull!! This site is awesome. :)
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