missing morrissey so badly

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we lost our precious morrissey last thursday and my heart is so broken, i just woke up from a nap, not been sleeping at night, and i had the most vivid dream of him, it felt as though i could actually "feel" him, he was running around playing and i was out there with him.
for a moment i feel somewhat okay then i break down, i'm sure this is part of the grieving process. i was in a store yesterday and suddenly felt so sad, went out to the car and was bawling my eyes out for him to come home to me.
i'm sure everyone on this site who has had a loss has gone through the same things. i miss everything about him, we used to call him batman because he would sit in the window looking for us and just looked like batman with his cropped ears and black mask, even though his mask was mostly white at 11 years old. god i miss him so much. just had to vent...

we love you so much morrissey. feb 15th 1995 - april 6th 2006. x x x x
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I know it's hard to loose one of our babys. angelicon but you gotta remember you had 11 great years. what a wonderful life morrissey had. thanks to you he was able to live. it is always hard to say good-bye but it's not forever. morrissey is at the rainbow bridge in perfect health. running with all of our boxer babies angelicon. when it is time you will be together again.


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Very Sorry

My family is very sorry about your loss it just breaks our heart to think about it. We wish you the best of luck.


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I wish I could heal your heart. Only time will heal it and it is ok to cry. Your baby is by your side you just cant see him with your eyes but he is there and will always be. Many hugs to you!

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Your thread touched my heart deeply. Through my tears I wanted to write how much I understand your pain. Your thread is an echo to my own heart since I lost Magic a year and seven months ago. I am so very sorry for your loss of such a wonderful friend. Please know that you are not alone and that there are many of us who truly understand the pain you are feeling right now. It is the worse pain I have ever felt.


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My heart goes out to you, and I only wish I could take your pain away. We also had livid dreams about our Mya soon after we helped her cross over. I'd like to think that these "dream visits" were her way of telling us everything was alright. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ~ Cathy
my heart is breaking for you, I know how badly you are feeling! I had to say goodbye to my dear Norton Oct 2004, and it still tears me apart some days. The worst for me was coming home...as I would get close to the house I would literally fall apart and cry my eyes out because it would hit me that his sweet face wasn't going to be there waiting for me when I opened the door. Morrissey will never leave your heart, he will always be there with you but the pain does get easier to deal with, I promise. I spent weeks crying my eyes out wishing there was somewhere, some how, some miracle that would bring him back to me. (and I am crying now as I write this, with his picture on my desk...) I wish I knew the magic words to erase all your pain but cherish the good memories you have and know that he had a wonderful life with you and is now in a place free of pain and worry and he is happy until he can be with you again.

It took my husband and I both quite some time to even mention the idea of another dog, let alone a boxer, but having Gracie (we got her almost exactly a year later, in Nov 2005) has been the best thing ever. Maybe in time, you will be ready to accept a new boxer into your life. Not one to take Morrissey's place, of course, that will never happen. But to help fill the void and bring you new joy and happiness again. Take care and know that we are all here to listen when you need us, and share your pain. :)


I'm very sorry that you're hurting so badly. I know where you're at, though. I was the same way when I lost Cadence. I just cried and cried. I'd be fine one minute, and then next, bawling my eyes out. I always think that when you have dreams of your loved ones who have passed it's their way of letting you know that they're okay. My mother passed away when I was very young and I'll never forget a dream I had about her...I was in the driveway, and she pulled up in her conversion van and got out of the car, and got her suitcases out of the back. I ran to her and asked her where she had been...we all thought she was gone forever, and she said she just went away for a while, but that she was completely fine. That was it...I remember waking up crying, but feeling such a relief in knowing that she was okay. I have no doubt that your baby was letting you know that he's okay.
Know that I am sending you lots of hugs and ((((healing vibes)))).


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You have to let it out and cry - Morrissey was so dearly loved and it is only right that your heart is breaking for him. You did have many wonderful years together and remember that always. ((Hugs)) to you and here's hoping you can remember all the good times you and your boy had together. :)
I feel for you. We lost Lexus almost 5 months ago and I still have bad days. They are getting farther apart, but I still have them. To me it was like losing one of my kids. Don't ever feel like it's not ok to cry because it is. Like Jill said getting another Boxer when you are ready is the best medicine. They won't replace Morrissey but they do help fill the void that was left. I thank God daily that Rocky came into our lives because he has helped us all so much.
Sending hugs your way to help you with your loss....you are not alone.

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