Missing boxer girl!!

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Just got a frantic call from Tammy in East Providence, RI -- Gabby is missing. She is frantic and needs our help.

Gabby will be 10 years old soon - she is a flashy fawn female with cropped ears and a docked tail. She is hypothryoid and is on soloxine daily to control it. She is super sweet and loves everybody.

Apparently, Gabby gets up every night to go outside at about 3 am. Tammy let her out and because it is so cold, she went back in, but fell asleep. She never does this and was so upset that she had and went out to bring her back in -- it was now 4 am. Gabby was gone and the gate to the fence was wide open.

Tammy has called the police, animal control, shelters and humane societies in RI and is now calling vets, the newspaper and tv stations. She is very worried about her girl and her family is very upset as well. Gabby is wearing her rabies tag, license and SCBR identification tag.

The link for Gabby's page can be found here along with pictures of her: http://www.secondchanceboxer.com/gabby.htm

Tammy's telephone number is 401-435-5772. If you know of anyone in the area that can assist in finding Gabby, please contact her at this number or email me at marian@secondchanceboxer.com

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I wish I could help, but it is just too far away. I will pray for Gabby's safe return.

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this just breaks my heart, I cant imagine how she feels. Please let her know my prayers are with her.

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This is my worst nightmare. Gabby will be in my thoughts and prayers! Hoping she will be found quickly. Please keep us posted on this!!

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Does anyone have an update on this little girl? I read her story on secondchance rescue. How sad to think that she is out there and can't find her Mom and family.
Please, if anyone knows anything, post it.

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Any news on Gabby? Wishing for her safe return...Please let us know!


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I pray for Gabby's safe return. I wish I could help search for her. My prayers are with Gabby and your family.

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