Miss Chance visits the Vet

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Today was Chance's first visit to the vet. She was there last week to get the appointment set up. Today was official. Last Monday she weighed in at 10.3 at 9 wks. Today she was 14.1 and she is 10 wks old. Boy she is growing fast.
The vet gave us a puppy kit. Enclosed was a tag from a heartworm company to put on her. If she is ever lost, god forbid, a person can go to the website and find her by the number on the tag. I thought this was way cool.
Also they enclosed a bag of puppy food and charts and books. This was a nice little welcoming gift for her.
She was a perfect lady and let the vet check her all out. She thinks everyone loves her. She even had to show off how well she was trained. She sits on command. I dont know if she really is trained or she thinks its cool cuz I get so excited when she slams her butt down. And I do mean she slams....
Just had to brag on how well she did and how much she weighed.
I am so glad we are a boxer family again.


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What a good girl!!! Max was the same the frist time we took him to the vet, and now he just loves his doctor! Everytime we drive him there, he's waggin his stuby like a mad man :)


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Good girl Chance! You sure are growing big!
My Cisco loves his vet also, actually he loves everyone! :LOL:


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Good deal- sounds like she likes going to the vet already- Titan loves going there they give him SOOO much attention and he eats it up!! Enjoy your new baby!!
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