Ministry of Silly Walks

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For those of you Monty Python fans out there...

Fall is typically the time of year when Beasley's allergies are acting up and he's more itchy than other times of the year. It's not uncommon for him to roll around rubbing his back on the carpeting, blankie, or anything else with some texture.

However, this weekend we had a break in our rainy weather and Beasley was outside helping me with yardwork. As I'm mowing the back yard, I noticed him walking (well, skipping, actually) around and trying to scratch behind his ear with his back leg and I was laughing so hard I had to stop the mower. He looked EXACTLY like John Cleese in the Ministry of Silly Walks routing on MP and I wish I'd had a video camera to capture his antics.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ministry sketch, check out this website to view an actual step-by step demo:

There is never a dull moment with Beasley around. foolicon


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We where just talking about Monty Python this weekend...none of my friends knew what I was talking about....the true root to good humour !!!! John Cleese is and was the best !!!!

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