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Milk Thistle & SAM-e vs Denamarin

Discussion in 'Holistic care' started by Boxer_21, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Boxer_21

    Boxer_21 Boxer Insane

    Mar 25, 2002
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    Some of you may have read my recent post about Riley's liver issues. He had a blood test late last month which showed that his liver enzymes were high... very high! He was at 673 when the normal range for him should be 116. He had a recheck last Wednesday and the number was lower. I don't have the exact number, but it's only 3x higher than it was.

    I mentioned to the vet (after doing some research after the first test) that I wanted to put him on milk thistle (it kind of bothers me that they didn't even suggest it) and she suggested that we go the Denamarin route instead since it also has SAM-e in it. They charge $65 for a bottle of 30, which if I'm reading the directions online correctly would only be half a month's supply (2 pills a day)!!

    I asked her what Riley's daily dosage would be for straight milk thistle and SAM-e if I were to buy them individually to give to him. I'm hoping to save money since I'm already paying $55 for his monthly heart medication (Sotalol and Enalapril). She called me back late Friday and said he should be getting 70mg milk thistle and 850mg SAM-e once a day on an empty stomach.

    Riley has always been a big boy, it's just his build. He's very tall. He's approx 85lb right now (which is including a few pounds of weight that we're working on losing). We had a long winter with a lot of snow and then his heart problems so we were taking it easy and once spring rolled around we got nailed with rain. Now that better weather has arrived we're working on moderately exercising him a bit more and we've cut back on the treats and food.

    With all that said, I have questions.

    > Do the dosages that the vet gave me sound about right for Riley's weight?

    > How do you calculate what their dosage should be by their weight? Is there a formula? I've looked at numerous websites and can't seem to find a straight answer. I'm about ready to start pulling my hair out!

    > Do any of you give your boxers "human grade" milk thistle with SAM-e and if so where do you get ours from?

    Any input is welcome! I'm hoping to start him on something this week. I just need to wrap my brain around everything to come up with a plan!
  2. acadorette

    acadorette Boxer Pal

    Jun 9, 2011
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    Milk Thistle & SAM-E

    The mixture of Milk Thistle and Sam-E are exatcly the same as doing Denamarin, the only thing it is missing is some vitamins. I have my little man Zeke on Milk Thistle and Sam-E which has brought down his liver values down dramatically within a month or two and it works well with his heart meds. I can't remember the exact dosage that I used, but Zeke is 70lbs and he gets 200mg of Milk Thistle once a day and 400mg of Sam-E once a day and it is much cheaper then getting medication through my vet office.

    I hope that helps some.

    Goodluck with Riley.

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