Microchip Implants

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Oscar got his microchip when we had him neutered. Mali was already spayed when we adopted her, so she got the microchip 'shot' at the vet's office, and had no problem with that. I have heard too many sad stories of lost pets whose owners wished they had gotten their pet microchipped, so I decided to get microchips for mine as soon as possible.


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Mmmm....I didn't have such a postive experience as most of you. But, to begin, I think microchipping is FANTASTIC and both of my pups are chipped. Zeus had his put in when he was under for neutering. BUT Titan was chipped when she was awake and it was awful. The needle was huge and they had to dig it into her back...twice. Evidently they chip with two chips...so that no matter the scanner, one will get picked up. Anyway, Titan had to be held down by two people and she is just now forgetting the experience - two years later. The next time we took her to the vet after the microchipping she would growl and get snappy (never bit) whereas she never acted like that before. I think she was just trying to protect herself.

So..long story short I would ask to have a look at the needle before giving them the go-ahead if your pup will be awake. Then see if there are any type of numbing shots...or maybe even some ice for the spot and some Benydryl so your pup will be a little drowsy.

I still highly suggest having your pup chipped. Just know that there is a possibility of it being rather painful.

Good luck!!

Heather and the "kids"


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While we're on the subject of microchipping, what company do you have and have you had any issues? My rescue has a 24PetWatch chip in him but I have either an option of AVID or HomeAgain for my pup but didn't know which was better to go with.


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Billy was chipped when we adopted him from the local shelter, he currently has an AVID Friend Chip, no problems at all. He is having a different one put in next month in preparation for his move to the UK with us next year. The UK scanner cannot read this one but can other AVID chips.


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While we're on the subject of microchipping, what company do you have and have you had any issues? My rescue has a 24PetWatch chip in him but I have either an option of AVID or HomeAgain for my pup but didn't know which was better to go with.

I will NEVER EVER EVER use Home Again EVER again. I have had major issues with them and honestly can't stand them. My boy has 24PetWatch and they were FABULOUS I absolutely love them, my 3 cats (one now deceased) and my dog (also now deceased) all have/had AVID and I've had no problems with them over the years. Been dealing with them off and on when needed for 7 1/2 years now, moved once in there, never had a problem updating info, calling and asking questions, etc.

I would recommend either AVID or 24PetWatch personally.


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Not sure about Homeagain, but my brother has it in both his dogs and has had nothing but issues with the company. First, changing info - the intial info put in was incorrect with typos. When trying to correct it, it took 3 times to get it right. Second - he receives a bill that "appears" that he needs to pay a yearly fee. After the call about the bill, the girl states it's not necessary to pay the bill as it is for additional services they provide, which really aren't needed at all in his opinion. I wonder how many people actually paid that bill not knowing this info. I saw the bill and it looked like the fee was for the finders service, but wasn't the case, just some unnecessary services.

I use avid and appreciate that I can get online and correct the info on my file. That way no errors are made.

And a quick funny story - My brother and wife has a tiny persian she brought with her from Estonia. Well, the cat got out one day and they made all the calls to Avid, shelters and signs all over the neighborhood. They just fixed her and shaved all of her but her head on the day before she escaped. They got a call within 12 hours from humane league that a cat was found with a European chip that their readers couldn't read but were sure that it was their cat and fit the description exactly. They rushed to the humane league and sure enough they found a cat that matched her to a "T"..........but it wasn't theirs. How ironic is it that there are two European cats that look alike with a european chip in the same town? The good news is that a neighbor spotted their cat under his shed and it took them 3 days to coax it out. After all this trouble, they went and inserted a US Chip that can be read here in the states and I would hope they watch that door more closely. LOL


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I was just doing some reading and saw this info on microchip digits. Geez, between the trouble with HomeAgain customer service and this AVID digit thing, maybe I'll just call 24PetWatch and see if they know of any clinics near me that carry it.

The article I read......
AVID microchips use nine (9) digits and Home Again uses ten (10) digits. The universal code is to use ten (10) digits, although some microchip systems may use more digits than that. AVID also sells a 'EuroChip' which has ten (10) digits, the last digit always being 'A' for AVID.

AVID sells three scanners. One reads only the AVID mircochip (nine digits) and the other two scanners read universal chips (up to 16 digits). So these scanners also read Home Again chips (ten digits). One of the universal scanners is said to be a bit more powerful than the other.

Home Again sells one scanner that reads universal numbers. They tell you that it reads up to 16 digits. But they don't tell you this fact: it doesn't read less than 10 digits. However, it will beep to tell you if there is a microchip present that it cannot read the numbers of. So Home Again scanners will tell you that an AVID chip is present, but cannot display that exact digit reading (because of the missing digit in the AVID chip). However, Home Again scanners can read (and display) the AVID EuroChip because this chip has that tenth digit.


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Hmmm interesting. I have a HomeAgain chip in Hurricane and have never had any problems with them at all. We have moved 3 times since we got him chipped a year ago, and every time I have called to update our address they have been courteous and helpful, and the info has always been correct. I have never recieved any kind of bill from them. Just my two cents... I have never heard of anyone having any trouble with them until this post. Another two cents... if you ever think you are going to be going out of the country, I would get a universal chip/european chip. I will have to have Hurricane re-chipped if my husband ever gets stationed overseas. I wish I had thought about that the first time... :(


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YES get the chip!

It's relatively inexpensive (if you have the money to own a boxer, you probably have the 50 bucks to get the chip).

My Boxer puppy apollo went missing for over a week just last month. Of course, he hadnt been wearing his collar when he was taken.

The only comforting thought we had thru this entire nightmare was the fact that he was CHIPPED. Your chances of recovery increase greatly. I ended up getting him back thru an exhaustive search, and it wasn't directly because of the chip, but let me tell you I was damn happy knowing that he was chipped.

You don't have to worry about calling EVERY single vet, shelter, etc... you have the comfort of knowing that he will be scanned.

This decision is a no-brainer!!!
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