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In order to tell this story, I have to first tell you about one of our children. My 2 year old is terminally ill. She received a heart transplant at the age of 4 months old, came home and 3 months later was diagnosed with a mitochondrial myopathy. There is no cure, there is only treatment. She receives pallative hospice once a week, and is on their roll for when the "time" comes. Right now she is a very active little 2 year old, that is what sucks about the disease, it will hit her out of no where one day.

Anyways, she adores dogs. As does my other 2 children. We decided to wait until she was walking and mobile before we looked into adoption. Adoption really was always our desire.
We had left our names with the local vets, letting them know our story and our desire, we had also left our names with the humane society. Our next step was going thru an adoption agency.

One morning I received a phone call regarding a 3 year old male brindle boxer. I was a bit leary only because of the age (wondered if there were reasons other than specified that she would be giving him up). The owner stated that she had gotten him from the local pound when he was 1 and he had his AKC registrations. My frist question was "is he neutered" she said yes. That was all the information she had on him. I told her that we would be interested in seeing him, if she could arrange it with the owner. We heard nothing back for 4 days, and decided to continue on with our search.

A lady called me who breeds boxers, offering a pup out of her next litter to Emma. We were very excited, but still felt obligated to our initial decision. A puppy would find a home, we were set on adopting.

To our suprise the owner of the 3 year old male called us Saturday morning, I asked her some questions and we agreed to meet. She stated that she was giving max up because she had just moved into a town house and there wasnt enough room for him, her 3 cats, and other animals, so he needed to be placed. We fell in love with this beautiful animal at first site. He was so very loving and affectionate, yet very gentle with our daughter. She led him around the front yard by his tail backwards, while he enjoyed every minute of her attention. He never once became to rough.

We took max home, she had no idea what type of food he was eating, just gave us a big plastic bin of obviously non quality food. He also came with a great dane sized crate, and heart guard and frontline. We, at that present moment, were very impressed with the owner for realizing he needed a new home, but still felt like something was not "right" with the story she was giving us. We brought max home, and he gelled right away with our family.

Yesterday morning I noticed his leg was oozing blood in two spots. His tummy had a rash, and his ears were really red. He had the tummy rash when we got him, but it wasnt that bad, and he reaked of smoke when we got him, so we assumed that getting him in a cleaner inviroment would help, it also resembled a food allergy, which we knew right away his food would change immediately. It didnt change in our home. I emailed the previous owner regarding the rash and she said he didnt have a rash ever while she had him. *cough* bull *cough*

We took him to the vet, by this time his leg was bleeding quite a bit, no idea why. The vet first looked at his leg and said that he had skin tags that needed to be removed. He said that they usually dont alarm him, but this one was concerning to him. He also said that the rabies tag that Max had came from a cat clinic and was registered to a cat named Lucy? The skin tags were infected because of max being crated so many hours (like bedsores) We agreed to leave Max there for the day for his surgery.

Max is home now, the vet gave us a great present by microchipping him for free. They also gave us a 35% discount because he is Emmas therapy dog (emotional therapy). We were very impressed with the attitude of this vet, he has now become part of our family also!

Max is resting with his bright pink stitches on his manly brindle body. We have changed his diet (after looking online, it was kibbles and bits that she gave us, she had just changed him from old roy :rolleyes: ) He received a steroid shot and all his vaccines, including a rabies vaccine that was not intended for lucy :).

We are very glad we chose this route, he is an amazing little man, and is loved dearly after only 5 days!


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I am very sorry to hear of your daughter’s illness, but I am very happy to hear you adopted a boxer, what a wonderful gift for your daughter. And lucky Max it sounds like he could not of asked for a better home :)

It also sounds like your vet is a keeper – they are hard to find.

Good luck with Max and I hope you daughter can enjoy him for many years :)

Adelle, Finnegan & Nessa


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What a great story. So sorry to hear of your daughter's illness. It's always great to hear when someone has rescued a boxer.
Sounds like Max has a wonderful family.

Barb and Lacey :)


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What a very touching story. I am very sorry about your daughter, but it sounds as though she has found the best of friends. Lucky her. God Bless you all.


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Very nice story. So sorry for Emma's illness, but glad Max is there for her and you are there for Max.

Pam and Pete

Cindy Creel

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Your story touched me. The fact that you rescued a boxer is great. I am so glad that Max is Emma's therapy dog. Great choice of dogs.

I am so sorry for Emma's condition. May Max will be what she needs.



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I am so sorry to hear of Emma's condition. I hope & pray that you will find a cure for her.

I am glad to hear that Max is doing so well with his new family. Your family and Max are very lucky to have found each other. I am looking forward to hearing many stories to come as you & your family get to know him better.
Marcia & Mason


I'm sorry to hear about your daughter...hopefully Max and your daughter can rescue each other (lol out of their mishaps) for many many years
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