Maui is gorgeous!


Boxer Insane
We are in Maui and I just had to share these videos! We were driving back to the hotel and noticed something on the beach. It was a Hawaiian Monk Seal, which in a highly endangered species. NOAA was there observing her, and we got to talk to the representative. The lady said she had a name and when I asked she gave me a name and a number. I renamed her Ruby. Here are two videos I took of her. One she was getting comfy and the other she sneezed. I am sorry for the jump in the camera, but she startled me. lol

Oh and I did see a boxer playing further up the beach! I didn't meet the pup as we had already gotten in the car and were headed on back to the hotel. But it brighten my trip a bit to see a wiggle butt having so much fun!

Boxer Insane
Thanks for sharing this cute pic. I bet Maui is just beautiful. Would love to visit sometime.

joeys mom

Boxer Insane
AWWWW how cute! hahah even though i was warned the sneeze still got me...hehehe. Thank you for sharing loveicon