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marking his area?

Discussion in 'Behavioral Issues' started by kathysboxer, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. kathysboxer

    kathysboxer Boxer Insane

    Apr 13, 2008
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    Buster is almost a year old (Nov 11 is his birthday) and is still in tact (we are wanting to health test and show him).
    He never began "marking" until one day a friend brought their dog over, and he marked our sofa. I immediately washed the area on the sofa very well, but since then, Buster seems to be marking. If he sneaks upstairs (he's good at it) he will mark in the hall. If he manages to get into the basement, he will mark the hot water tank. And this morning he marked in the enclosed porch. I also noticed pee in our bathroom upstairs by the garbage can. It's not huge amounts of urine though.
    About a month ago, his bed was soaked, but I just thought he pee'd in there one morning when I didn't get downstairs quick enough to let them out. He hasn't pee'd in his cage since that day.
    Is there anything else (other than neutering since we want to show him) that I could be doing? I have been watching him like a hawk, but once in a while he will sneak and I don't catch him.
    He seems to be the only one doing it, and it was since the other dog did it. Needless to say, this other dog isn't welcome unless he stays outside or leashed inside.
    I tried to do a search on it, and it seems that treating it as puppy training is the only way.
    And will he eventually grow out of it, or will it only get worse? There isn't any type of dominance with him (regarding Tyson and Atlas) just the marking.
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