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Have any of you ever used the Manners Minder (now called Treat & Train) to do any dog training?
Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer | Dr. Sophia Yin

I just got one today and am so far loving it and really excited about the potential. My 6 month old Doberman has, apparently, separation anxiety - thrashing, barking, peeing, and pooping in her crate (but she's fine and will happily enter her crate if you stay in the room with her). I've only had her for a month so I don't know what her prior crate experience has been. The Manners Minder is a remote controlled treat dispenser so I bought it with the idea that I can continually have it throw treats at her while I'm out of the room.

To be honest it's my laziness that drove me to buy it. I didn't want to have to go back and forth, back and forth, to hand deliver treats to her when she's in her crate. This is 100000x easier.

After one short experimental session with it tonight, I'm so pumped! I started off just sitting next to the crate, door open, and having it drop treats. (I have it sitting on top of the wire crate, so treats rain from the sky, so to speak!). Cajun thought that was pretty cool and was so preoccupied with it, that I decided to leave the room and get a few things done. Every few seconds I'd have it dispense a treat. She never made a peep whereas normally she starts barking immediately after you leave her. I came back in my room and she was just laying down, waiting for more treats to fall. I was able to walk to the crate and open the door with her remaining calm. Normally, as soon as she sees you enter, she starts thrashing and throwing herself against the sides.

She's now choosing to lie down in her crate, on her own. Hoping for more treats I'm sure lol.

This is just after using it for a couple minutes. I am so so so excited. It is not cheap but you can use it for other things as well, and our next step was private training anyway which isn't cheap... so I think it's totally worth it.

Just wanted to share! Assuming things keep progressing I'm totally keeping this in the front of my mind to recommend to people, since I know this problem isn't unique to us!


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Sounds fascinating. I hope it continues to work for you. :)
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