Males more affectionate?

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I thought I heard/read somewhere that male Boxers are more affectionate than females. I have my first boy, Spencer, (a rescue who FINALLY learned give paw after six months of trying! Yeah Spence!)and he is a super-snuggler. Just curious is it fact or coincidence?
Although Baxter is my first "real" puppy and first male
(my experience until now was limited to older females rescues)- I believe it's true! It may be because he's a puppy, but Baxter is content to snuggle and give boxer kisses constantly. He plays very roughly, but as soon as
he's done, he comes straight to Daddy where he stays until he's ready to play again! He has to be touching me when he sleeps through the night, too. His sisters were WAY more independent.

Buddy'smom told me that they were more affectionate, and I definitely believe it to be true now!
Based on my two dogs I say no. Amaya and Brutus are about the same. Amaya is actually a little more "kissy" than Brutus. I think that sex has little to do with affection. It is more a function of the individual dogs personality.


I had a female, Katie for 12 1/2 years - she was very sweet, gave kisses on command and loved to snuggle in bed - under the covers. I have always had female pets and never wanted a male. But we had two female dogs in a row that had problems with spay incontinence - we dealt with that for 6 years with one and 7 years with Katie. Because of that we decided on a male this time.
I *reeeeallly* didn't want a boy - but now I would not have anything else. Mack is so very sweet, so laid back, so affectionate in a quieter way. He is a typical guy - "you can hug and kiss me if you want Mom, and I will stay here and let you." But he does love laps, even if not much of him fits on mine.


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Based on my two, Tyson is less affectionate than Ginger unless he is sleepy then he wants to snuggle. Ginger would be content to lay across my chest on the couch and not move except for potty breaks and meal times. So, I don't know if gender has a lot to do with it. It will be interesting to hear what the others have to say. Good question!

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This is just my opinion, but I have owned a male boxer before and he was not affectionate in the sense of kissing and cuddling. He would play constantly though I think this was his way of telling us he loved us. He is no longer with us anymore, but we have added a new addition to our home 3 months ago and her name is Dallas. She is a female and she is very much a lap dog. She is 6 months old and a Heffer! She is a very big dog and someone told me females were smaller in size and weight--- HA, boy were they wrong! She is now bigger than my 4 year old daughter. She is a very cuddly puppy. She would rather snuggle up with you on the couch or the bed than really play rough. She is a bit of a biter though, but with the advice from here this problem will subside quickly. I am not saying either sex is more affectionate... I think it is more or less the owner's attitude and the dog's personality! Happiness in a boxer shows abundantly!


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It's a toss up..both of mine are big cuddle bugs and love attention and affection. My female however sleeps under the covers cuddled up with her mama but my male just stretches out (across the entire bed) and gets comfortable (just like daddy)! I don't really think gender has alot to do with it, IMO it is personality and something to do with how you raise them too. I have known dogs who just don't give kisses even though the owner wants them to. Lucky for me, mine are full of sloppy boxer love :D


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Thanks for your replies. I have always had girls and all our Boxer cousins are girls. This is my first boy experience and geesh! he should have a cape - Super Love Man! I was cooking yesterday and he just sat there licking my leg.. silly boy!

Christy - your girl sounds like my best friends girl, Izabella, she has topped out at 78 lbs. My girls are 49 & 50, talk about a heffer!


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ALthough I only have one female boxer, she's becoming more affectionate as she grows older. I would tend to think it is more a personality trait and the personality of the owner rather than a gender issue. I had a male Beagle who wasn't very friendly or affectionate at all. My female cat was the most affectionate lap cat I've ever seen.

Maggie is affectionate, but she's moody about it. It is definitely on her terms. When she wants affection, she's there kissing and flopping on her belly wanting "tummy rubs" and so forth. But if she's not in the mood, she'll give me a look and walk away to look for a toy she'd rather be playing with.

Just her personality, I guess.
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