Male puppy questions ?????? Help !

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i wanna get sidney a boxer buddy and i need to know a few things........i was told to get a male....but when do they begin to lift their leg ? this is the main issue with my fiance ......... he doesn't want everything to be ruined, until the housebreaking is done. Can anyone help me ?????

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I've heard that when you neuter them early (4 months of age), it helps eliminate their natural urge to lift their leg, hump, mark, et cetera. I don't know if this is true, but our breeder told us to do this.

Good luck with getting your new puppy. Our first male boxer never marked anything and so far our second male boxer doesn't do it either (except he's a little too young now anyways).

Hope you can talk your future hubby into it and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

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It was a major moment for us when Buster finally raised his leg to pee. Right at 9 months. Maybe that is slow....

He has been well house trained since he was 12 weeks old...our only incident is when I babysat my brothers intact dog and they got into a dominance war...Buster peed ALL OVER the study...and I mean ALL OVER. As in a nice steady drizzle back and forth across the floor and on the futon. ARGH! Unless you neuter're gonna risk that kind of thing. (we just got Buster neutered last week.)

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jake did not start to lift his leg till he was about nine months old. i believe you should have him trained well before he starts to lift.
good luck to you

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Male boxers don't usually start to lift their leg until 9 months to a year. You would normally neuter around 6 months. As long as your dog is neutered, you usually won't have a problem with them lifting their leg in the house.

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Nino is 2 and a half years old and still only lifts sometimes. Usually when we go for a walk he will lift to pee on trees but still in the yard or if there are no trees he just stretches out and does his thing.


Striker was housetrained almost immediately. He still has not started lifting his leg yet, he's 7 months old.
He is not neutered.

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Ruben is the third entire male Boxer to share our lives. We have never had a problem with them lifting thier legs inside, on car tyres, or indeed anywhere socially unacceptable :) Once housetrained they are houstrained, and soon get to know what is acceptable out and about as well. As long as they are trained properly and you are consistant in the training things should be fine :) Our boys were not neutered as we show them, but if we did not show, I'd have them done between 5 - 7 months of age with absoloutly no hesitation :D


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Samson is a year and 4 months and still does not lift his leg to pee. I also have a Malumute/Shepherd 3 years that does not lift his leg. I don't mind I really, I had a bulldog/brittany mix who I never had neutered. It was horrible that dog would mark everywhere, on my sliding glass door, the fence, the pool, our other dog, he even peed into my house once through the screen door. The last straw was when he started to lift his leg on the kids. I had him fixed and it still didn't help, sadly I ended up finding him another home.


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Tango is 16 mo and he still doesn't lift his leg on anything, car tires, trees, bushes etc. I don't mind, however he wants to take care of his business is fine as long as it's not in the house!

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