magoo and baby

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i just downloaded some new pics in the gallery of magoo and his new baby sister! Magoo has been a real angel adapting to the new routine (basically there is no routine, just total chaos) the first week he had an upset tummy and vomited a few times. but since then he's been great and very patient with his mommy for not doting on him 24/7 like the old days. I know his patience will pay off when she grows up and can finally play with him. He adores our friends 3 yr old daughter.
~sunny & magoo


Congrats. Both of your babies are beautiful.
... Just wait. They will start to develop their own relationship and it has to be the cutest thing ever. My son (9 1/2 months) turned our precious Nestle's (she is 2) life upside down when he was born but now they becoming the best of friends and Nestle has been wonderful through the transition... now she is a better parent than my husband and I.

Don't get me wrong, they annoy the heck out of each other as any brother and sister do but they have been taught and learned each other's limits.

Lots of pics. in my gallery of them

All the best.
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