Maddie needs your prayers

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Madison's Mom

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I took Ms. Maddie to the vet on Saturday because she had a lump under her arm pit and that didn't look good. A year ago I took her in for a lump on her neck he said was just a cyst, didn't need to be removed. The vet scheduled her for surgery this morning so I told him to remove the "cyst" from her neck as well as her arm pit.

Just got a call from the vet. The lump on the neck doesn't look good, he said he thought it was melanoma but he would send it to the pathologist to make sure. I want to know why he didn't remove the "cyst" last year! :(

I have lost several friends to melanoma and I'm not sure if it's the same in dogs as humans. Will be doing research now.

If I have hurt Maddie in anyway by not having the lump removed last year then I will never forgive myself.!!!!!!

Please keep Maddie in your payers. She's so important to me.


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How terrible....Maddie will be in my thoughts and prayers. If the vet told you not to remove the cyst from last year then how were you to know anything else...that's what we pay them for. You did EVERTHING just right-please be kind to yourself..Maddie loves you...lovicon


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We have all fingers, toes, and paws crossed that the lump isn't anything nasty!! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and Maddie!

Please let us know what the report says.


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My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and Maddie. Stay positive for Maddie and for your self - you need to be strong for the both of you. I'm sure everything will fine. Keep us posted! Hugs to all. :)

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Thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, all things crossed here to make sure Maddie is in good health. Stay positive for the both of you.

Pam and Pete


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Sending healing thoughts and vibes that everything turns out alright for Maddie. Please don't blame yourself for her predicament - you were merely following her vet's adice. Thoughts and prayers are with you - Cathy

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Sending Maddie lots of positive vibes that the "cyst" is nothing. Austin has one on his back leg that the vet has checked twice. It still scares me, tho.
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