Lymphoma in boxers

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Trying to connect with someone who is going through this with their boxer. My Tyson is 7, developed inguinal gland lymphoma in May, successfully underwent chemo (COPA protocol) but went out of remission one month ago with four new glands up by his neck. Successfully (?) treated that with a pretty bad rescue protocol with something that started with a "D" and we are back to normal again for now. Any input?



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Hi, I'm moving this to the Health Forum where more people will read it, it will be open there :)

We lost Rebel last year to Epithielotopic Lymphosarcoma (effecting lymph nodes only in his head / neck region). From diagnosis to his going to the Rainbow Bridge was a period of about 18 months. We tried Chemo but unfortunatley was not effective on Reb :( We were able to keep it under control with diet, supplements and Prednisone.

I think that it is good that Tyson did respond to the Chemo. You may know these websites - we found them very helpful when we were fighting this with Rebel:

I'm sorry you are going through this. Tyson sounds as if he responds very well to treatment - thinking of you and him.
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