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Sooo on Saturday (2 nights ago) I was petting Juno's head and noticed a little raised area. And I mean LITTLE. Super tiny, surprised I felt it. I stopped to feel around more thoroughly and there are 2 raised areas on her head, maybe an inch or so away from each other.

I don't like feeling things like that but decided not to panic, thought maybe they could just be bug bites or something. But yeah they haven't gone away.

I'm starting to enter panic mode just because, clearly, they aren't just bug bites. Have they grown or changed in 2 days time? No. And I don't believe they were there before Saturday, because I pet this dog's head ALL THE TIME and as quickly as I noticed it, I don't think they would have went undetected for more than a day or two.

They're just so SMALL. I know it's illogical but in my mind small = insignificant. I don't want to drag her to work with me and make her sit in a kennel for half the day for something pointless...

I shaved the areas as best I could, without making it too obvious and making her head ugly lol.
The 2 spots:
file_zps54dc0fcb.jpg Photo by SingedWhiskers | Photobucket

Circled for easy location:

Close up of one:

Incidentally I just ran bloodwork on her a week ago when I drew for her heartworm test. I know you guys aren't vets and can't decipher it but thought I'd include it anyway. Her CBC has some out of range values, which at first I thought nothing of and still they're probably insignificant, but now I'm paranoid... I put red dots next to the "abnormal" values:
(The first three rows should read as "basophils, platelets, anisocytosis")

I guess I'm just looking for some insight. What you guys think these are? I'm probably worried over nothing.


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Hard to tell what the lumps are based on the pictures but I have seen similar issues on Raine's head and they are a direct result of kitty nails! Cat is on her elevated condo and Raine walks by and cat reaches out and says "hello". You'd think Raine would learn that snagging cat nails are painful!

Regarding the blood work....
Was she fasting prior to testing?
That might account for the HGB being slightly elevated (dehydration).
The MCHC isn't substantial enough (for me) to be concerned with too much iron in her blood. I would be testing her again in the near future (couple months) to see if that number had changed or even also take a peek at previous tests to see where it was at that time.
I don't know how low the neutrophil would have to be before it is considered neutropenia but I might wonder if any meds she is on would contribute to this or if she had been dealing with an infection of some sort in the recent past or even currently. I don't suspect the bumps on her head appear large/bad enough to cause issue with an infection? Then again who knows how much it takes for the body to kick in and deal with something it suspects is an infection?
That being said the elevated lymphcytes would point to at least some sort of infection...mild infection perhaps. Don't seem anywhere near high enough for something far worse like cancer or a viral disease.
Monocytpes being low....kind of tosses the idea of an infection out the window!
Anisocytosis..."slight"....very weird. Does this mean she is "slightly" anemic or slightly deficient in some vitamin? If so which vitamin?
I agree these numbers are just odd enough to make you wonder yet pretty insignificant enough to get worked up over. I don't see you needing to consider running a Ferritin test anytime soon!
My dad has a very rare and terminal bone marrow disease and I dissect his blood tests on a monthly basis. It can become overwhelming at times. It is hard to treat the patient and not the numbers but you must.
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Are the bumps something like this?

Skin tag | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

That's a skin tag on Lego's hind leg. It started out TINY (hard to tell, but kind of what Juno's bumps look like). It eventually grew a bit into the skin tag you see there. Hopefully that's all those are.

As for the CBC... Laika's blood results came back a bit wonky once and it was due to her platelets clumping. They re-ran them and it was fine. I think I saw on the report that her platelets had clumped? Might be work checking out.

Good luck!


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Gus had a small bump like that just above his eye for a couple months. I asked the vet about it but he said due to the placement he would rather wait and see before doing anything like a biopsy, and eventually it went away. No explanation why it came or why it left. He's had similar tiny bumps in his ears and I take note of them but wait and see and they have all gone away with time.


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Also, it occurs to me that blood counts for raw-fed dogs are known to be slightly different than kibble fed dogs. Isn't Juno on Sojo's? I don't know if that would account for any of the slightly off results, but it might.


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So nobody thinks she's dying is basically what I'm hearing, right? :LOL:

After I posted this last night I was like ARGH I wish I had previous bloodwork to compare to, her "abnormal" results could be normal for her, you know? Turns out I DO have an old CBC that we did on her when I was in school. It's from June 2010, so she was 1 year old.

Everything well within normal! So for who knows what reason, there ARE changes in the last 3 years.
(WBC not highlighted for any significant reason, it was just for class).

So anyway. Again not sure how the bloodwork relates to any of this, but since it was done so close to the lumps showing up I feel like I have to analyze it!

The lumps were kind of like a crusty-scabby thing, so I scratched at them and the "scab" came off and they bled a little bit, but it's still a raised bump.

And correct, she is on Sojos - All I can find about raw feeding and bloodwork is that it might cause the BUN to be elevated?


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Oh yeah - maybe it is only the BUN that is different. I just vaguely remembered reading something about it a long time ago when I started Toby on raw.

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I don't know why but as soon as I click on those the darn picture disappears. But for the brief moment I saw them, they remind me of a couple small bumps Thora has had on her legs. I left them go to see what would happen instead of going into panic mode like I used to do with Tuff every stinking time. I picked at em a bit and it would irritate them a little. They'd scab and I'd pick at that lol.. Eventually they went completely away on their own (it took several months). No idea what they were to this day but glad they're gone! Hope it's the same case with Juno. Coincidentally Thora is also on Sojos (and Wellness) but I have no idea what her bloodwork looks like, I just know she's had the best poops ever on it!


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I just know she's had the best poops ever on it!

Haha I hear ya on that! :p

Ugh, couple months, don't know if I can wait on it that long. :LOL: I'm starting to calm down about them since they don't seem to be changing at all. Guess I'll just continue to keep an eye on them, and resume freak-out mode if they start to get bigger :)


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with the pictures, it makes me think of little skin tags... I don't know... snatch and Ox have some like those (or looking like those..)
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