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Hi all! I have been trying to find a site on Boxers for awhile now. I own a 2yr old fawn male boxer. He's THE BIGGEST BABY I have EVER seen! Follows me EVERYWHERE to the point of bothersome! Even when any of us go to use the restroom he follows us and sits down right by us and waits until we are done. And the "snorting" story I have read about several others is so true and hilarious!! He is a GREAT dog and all he wants to do is cuddle on the couch, bed with us with pillows. I sware he is half human. Whenever I kick him out of bed for lack of room..I have to literally push him and he gives me this big sigh when he jumps down. ha ha! He is great with my 5yr old daughter as well.


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Originally posted by Pamela:
Hi all! I have been trying to find a site on Boxers for awhile now...

Glad you found this site. It is a terrific source for information and friends who love Boxers.


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Welcome to the board! when I first started to read the posts I cracked up. I think all boxers are the same. For christmas I decided I need a larger couch. My 12 year old son, myself, and a 55lb dog don't fit anymore!!! she has to snuggle all the time. Last night she got frustrated and decided to just lay on top of us, wasn't any other room for her. My husband just sits in the recliner and laughs at us.

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Welcome to the board. I crack up at the stories too. It's amazing what kind of mischief that our babies can get into! Looking foward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Pamela

Hi Pamela,
I thought I had better reply to my namesake, (Pamela), How is your boxer doing, it sounds just like my dog Ginty (as in G & T) she is six years old, brindle, natural ears, docked tail. She is also my constant shadow, when we first got her she had been ill treated and growled at everyone, very scary, but she soon became part of the family, following me into the bathroom is her favourite pastime, when I have a bath , she trys to drink the bath dry, and lick all the bubbles up. We have just had snow in England she loves it, but makes her nose sore, pushing her squeaky ball along. I have a three year old granddaughter , who loves Ginty, where I am, so is Ginty and Linda Paige. I am new to the forum so I hope I have replyed correctly, if not contact me and let me know.

speak to you soon

Pammyjean & Ginty

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Welcome, Pamela. :) I think all boxers act the same too. When I read all these stories, I crack up because I can actually picture it, as I have a loony boxer too!


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Just wanted to say Welcome-I can also relate to the funny things boxers do.I recently bought new living furniture and got a loveseat so each dog can have a place to spread out now i'm thinking of getting an extra bed (for myself) not enough room for two people and two others that think they're people.

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Welcome Pam! You will find this website entertaining as well as very informative. My g/f Trish and I just picked out our first boxer this past weekend, and we can't wait to get her home! You will find that everyone here on this forum is very friendly. I noticed you are from Omaha! Good to see another Nebraskan here! I lived in Lincoln for 9 years before moving up here to WA. I still consider Nebraska my "home". Anyhow, enjoy this site! Go Huskers!


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welcome I have a fawn female named Bella she too follows me everywhere she even goes to work with me every day(we're lucky we get to spend lots of time together) she also love my couch when daddy's not home but when he's home she has taken over my papason couch as hers along with her 3 about the house. I hope you enjoy this site. I am farely new and when I get home I can't wait to read new things. I never used to play on the puter for very long. Now I'm hooked on this site.
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