Lost our sweet Rocco

Rocco's Mom

Super Boxer
Thank you all for your kind words. I knew I would find some comfort here with fellow boxer families. We will have puppy love again someday as I have two young boys that are missing Rocco terribly. My 6yr old wants another dog tomorrow and my 3yr old wants to name it Rocco lol. He was special and there will never be another like him. There is nothing like the love of a boxer.


Boxer Insane
So sorry for your loss of Rocco,will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. Run forever free sweet Rocco and Godspeed.


Boxer Insane
I'm so sorry you lost Rocco. I hope that happy memories of your time with him will eventually replace the heartbreak you must be feeling.


Boxer Insane
I have been off Boxer World for quite awhile apart from a post here and there. Many things have changed for sure. I have been going through the site and recognizing some names. So many boxers have passed over the past few years. I am so sorry about your sweet boy Rocco. He was adorable and I know you and your family must miss him so much. RIP sweet boy. (Ms. Ali is still with us at 11 yrs and doing well at least for now.)