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Today(10-18-04) my friend from Kileen TX had her 10 month old, uncropped, Unfixed female, Fawn with black mask and white chest stollen from her back yard. I know there is a terrible black market for these wonderful animals and want to find LEXI before she gets lost in it. My friend is 36 weeks PG with her husband deployed to Iraq. If you have any information or can help stear me in the right direction, please either contact me, via email xxx or phone xxx or Amy at xxx or phone xxx (Moderator's note: PLEASE READ THE RULES - you can only be contacted by private message - we have had trouble makers posting other people's phone numbers). Thanks so much for your time and please help get the word out. As of right now, I do not have pictures of Lexi. We are working on putting them on the internet so I will post a picture as soon as I can. Please help bring Lexi home!!


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How horrible! The idiots in this world infuriate me! My heart grieves for you and Lexi.

I'm in Austin and I will keep an eye out for this pretty young girl. I'll be sure to meet all the young, flashy fawn, cropped females I see and check if they have a tag w/ "Lexi" on it.

I sure hope Lexi is okay. And I'm so sorry to hear about this horrible crime. :(
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